Wednesday, November 1, 2017

It's November! ...and Kubota Garden Part 2

While our mild sunny days have gone with October, November has started out much better than predicted. We had a brief shower early this morning but it was just cloudy and chilly when I finally went out for my walk about 10:00 this morning.
 The leaves are falling fast now, but there is still plenty of beauty, in the park...

 ...and in our own front yard. 
We just had another quick shower now at 3:00, and then the sun peeked back out. I've been getting little jobs done inside today, like putting things away, taking care of photos, lining up my fall sewing project, and voting. The ballots are now on the way to the mail box.

And now, as promised, Part 2 of our visit to Kubota Garden on a lovely late October day. 

 Hmm. Some old guy on his phone. In his defense, Tom was resting a bit while editing the photo he just took on his phone. I was always clicking away with my camera so he had to occupy himself somehow. 

 I couldn't figure out what the blue was in the reflection in the water in the photo below, and then I realized it was the sky! 

Always another path to follow. We'll see what's down this one in Part 3. 


  1. They certainly showed off colors by using background plantings. Somebody has to have a good eye to lay out gardens like these.

  2. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures!

  3. fantastic colors. i am excited to witness that soon.

  4. A really beautiful place, Linda. Thank you for sharing it with me. :-)

  5. Great photos! Must visit Kubota one of these days!

  6. This post was a real treat. We are dealing with varying shades of brown here.

  7. This is a gorgeous spot and really showcases the best of fall.

  8. Wow absolutely beautiful! I loved the tour of the gardens. Our tress were not all that pretty this year in my area. Leaves are now on the ground. Thank you for sharing.

  9. lovely fall foliage, just returned from two trips to texas then no. idaho-loved seeing the fall colors there.


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