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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Another Post From the Coast

A week ago Wednesday we were enjoying another sunny day on the Oregon coast. We spent some time lazily strolling around the docks in Garibaldi, on Tillamook Bay. Due to illness, the elderly couple that runs the Bay Front Bakery have had to close their business, and we miss them and the apple fritters, but we hope for the best for them. 
The charter fishing boats were coming in from out in the ocean. 

The gulls were ready for treats, like fish heads. 
The wind spinners were still for sale and twirling in the breeze. 
The fish cleaning station got busy as the day's catches arrived. 

We took our customary stroll on the docks. 

And then on the way back to the cabin we stopped at the jetty.

It was so calm and warm, so unlike other stops here. 

That afternoon we walked into town to check out some shops and, of course, get Tillamook ice cream. 

The tourist steam train was running between Garibaldi and Rockaway Beach. 

When we listened to the news in the evening we discovered that it reached 95 degrees at home in Seattle. We were happy to enjoy the coolness of the coast, and another sunset. 


  1. More pictures to enjoy! And the Tillamook ice cream. Yum. One time when we were out that way with all the kids we went in and got a whole pail of it and 6 plastic spoons. Found a nice shady spot and everyone dug right in. The kids remember that day and still talk about it.

  2. I like the photos of the breakers rolling in. I could sit and watch the breakers for a long time.

  3. wow 95 in seattle that's almost as hot as us 98 today! Sure could use some cool ocean breezes...

  4. Such a beautiful place. It sure has cooled off here, I like it much better than the hot weather. We'll have plenty of that in the coming weeks and months, so it's nice to have such a fine beach to enjoy instead. :-)

  5. I can see why you keep that place and spend so much time there. I could almost smell the sea.

  6. Again... love your pics! The Oregon shore is on my bucket list (if I had a bucket list). I love rocky out of the way beaches... and old piers!

  7. I tried the Tillamook ice cream (from the commissary) just because of your blog and it was very smooth and rich. Yum. What a gorgeous place to explore, Linda.


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