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Monday, June 24, 2019

Garden Primping

We are hosting several big events this summer. The first is this Tuesday, an end of the school year party for Tom's former elementary school, where one of his teacher friends is retiring.

Years ago we used to host the end of the year party every June, and many of our friends, and Tom and I also, had our retirement parties here. We thought it would be fun to provide the venue for one more. So we have been spending lots of time on the yard, primping and making it pretty and perfect.

 The vegetable and cut flower garden is taking off. 

We'll have a few berries in our new raspberry patch. 

June is a time of exuberant abundance in the garden. 

Hydrangeas are beginning to bloom. 
The front porch.

By the now empty green house, the tomatoes are soaking up whatever heat we get in the afternoons. 

We'll be ready, hoping the weather cooperates, and glad that someone else is providing the tables, chairs and the food. Hopefully they'll bring the fun too. 


  1. Garden looks great, do you hire out?😁 We have a robust garden with potatoes, and tomatoes blooming
    Peas and green beans climbing, lettuce ready and corn knee high by the 4th
    The Robin's have found the blueberries and tayberries so.nettumg is up
    Love seeing and enjoying summer See you soon

  2. Of all the gardens you photograph, your's is my favorite. The care and attention you and Tom give it brings absolutely beautiful results. Enjoy your party!

  3. Your garden looks wonderful, and I'm glad to see how luscious and green your lawn is looking again.

  4. Your garden is so impressive always, but right now -- WOW!. I go out to talk to my tomato plants every day but I didn't even plant my usual array of herbs this year -- just some parsley, basil and thyme because that is what I use the most.

  5. Well it certainly 'picture perfect' and extremely wonderful. The weather will be nice----I ordered it just for you

  6. The end of June is a very pleasant time. To be able to celebrate in these surroundings just puts icing on the cake.

  7. wow what a masterpiece-you could charge admission for visitors...

  8. You have such a beautiful place, Linda. It's breathtakingly serene and delightful. Thanks for letting me come along via your pictures. :-)

  9. Wow. I've said it before, you could charge admission for that amazing garden. Thanks for letting us tour for free.

  10. Your gardens are beautiful! What fun to host friends there, I hope you have good weather for your gathering!:)

  11. I read on DJan's blog that you had 40 people! Wow! That's a whole lot of friends. I can just imagine how much they loved being in your incredible garden.

  12. I don't think your yard could look any more beautiful than it does now. Has your yard ever been featured in a gardening magazine? It should be. June is such a pretty month.


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