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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Posts From the Coast

We have been back home now for a while, but I have more to share from our little trip to the Oregon coast.

A week ago Tuesday was our first full day at the cabin at Rockaway Beach.  I prided myself in completing my PT exercise routine each day while on "vacation". Then Tuesday morning we took our walk at the Kilchis Point Reserve.
This is a point of land along the south side of Tillamook Bay, maintained by the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum. A mile in, and a mile back out, with some wanderings out along the bay, it's flat and just right for my daily walk. 
The first section is hard surface.  We go from open area to woodland.
There are fun guy (fungi), and we met a few fun guys along the way too. 
With marshes on both sides of the point, water is present, much to the delight of the skunk cabbage. 
There are benches all along the way too, thanks to the memorials of past members of the Pioneer Museum Society. 
This shrub is unknown to me. Any ideas? After the tube like yellow flowers, the red bracts are left. 
The trail ends at a viewing gazebo. 

We venture out onto the shore of the marshy backwater of the bay. 

Tom still has springs in his legs. I don't. 

After prowling around, we were sitting on a bench just under the trees, with this view, when we heard eagles singing. Eagles are fierce, huge birds, but when they sing, the song is a sweet, chattery chirping. We got up from our seats to look for them. 

There they were, across the marsh, in the trees. I only had my phone camera, but if you look very closely you might see one on a tree top left of center, and the other on the right about half way down. Eagle singing makes me happy. I do like those other Eagles that sing too. 
Wild roses are in bloom.
More wild life, the infamous banana slug. 
Moisture and moderate temperatures make for abundant growth on the forest floor. 
At the end of the walk, a brief rest under a honeysuckle bower. 
And then we went to the Tillamook cheese Factory for lunch.  Tom had a gooey grilled cheese sandwich with embellishments. 
I had a really good salad with cheese, apple, hazelnuts and cranberries. 
Later in the afternoon I took a short beach walk. The weather was lovely, but there is almost always a chilly wind blowing on the coast. 
The sunset Tuesday evening, after 9:00!, was beautiful and lingering. 

I took this last photo from the porch of the cabin, where we sat out the last of the day's glow. 


  1. The woodland shots are beautiful and the sunset shots on the beach are simply stunning. What a view!

  2. I do enjoy your blog posts and wonderful pictures! Spending a lot of my time on the Maine coast I have had a long time wish to visit the Pacific coast.

  3. Always a treat to be by the ocean and beautiful sunsets.

  4. I like that walk and would join you if I could. No idea about the plant, but it's pretty. And the beach scenes are wonderful. :-)

  5. That's a beautiful area to explore. Yes, some cold winds can come in off the Pacific.

  6. Altogether lovely!! The walk then ending with a beautiful sunset.

  7. This is such a gorgeous walk. Sunset on the beach is just spectacular.

  8. such a lovely and varied area. I would never get tired of it.

  9. beautiful coolness, can't believe there is actually a flower that you don't know the name!

  10. What a perfect day. A lovely--and level--walk, yummy food and a marvelous sunset. You made me curious. Now I have to go find a site that will let me hear the eagles's song.

  11. I really enjoy your walks and points of view. Mahalo.

  12. Such a beautiful place! You are lucky to be able to spend some time there:)


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