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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Old Goat Farm

Another weekend, another garden visit.

The Old Goat Farm is a private garden and home nursery in the rural area of Orting, near the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. The two men who own it and live there are artists with plants. Their garden is enchanting, full of whimsy as well as beauty. 

They are only open on selected weekends, but we get emails from them so we know when we can visit. 

When you have rocks, make art. 

Everywhere you look there is something interesting. 

These fern tables are wonderful.

The front porch of this wonderful old house. 

One of the old outbuildings. 

In back of the ornamental yard is the farm.

The farm includes a vegetable/fruit garden

There's the Old Goat.

and farm animals too. 
Gardeners are often collectors too. These guys are. 

At the end of the tour is the nursery.

Of course we couldn't leave without one or two, or three, purchases. 
On the way home, through the Orting Valley, we stopped at a fruit stand where fresh local strawberries were for sale.

We bought a pint full, and Sunday morning we had strawberry shortcake for breakfast. 
Because, why not?!


  1. What an interesting place. I always like it when you take us along on your garden tours. Come on, tell us what you bought????
    Your breakfast looks delicious.

  2. They not only made fine art with rocks but some of the hedges are very artistic as well.

  3. I see something charming everywhere I look, including the Old Goat. All those ferns are so lush.

  4. That's quite an interesting place to visit.
    I like your idea of strawberry shortcake for breakfast!

  5. I really like the use of stone in that garden. Mmm. Our strawberry season is just starting and I may have to take a ride out to the pick your own place soon.

  6. You always take such detailed pictures I feel like I've been there too. Love the place! :-)

  7. Love their creativity with rocks! They rock!

  8. I love visiting the Old Goat Farm, especially since finding out that when people say, "It's time to visit the Old Goat Farm" they don't mean I should move to a retirement home. Isn't fresh strawberry time wonderful. That fabulous taste means that the school year is almost over. Hooray!

  9. Thanks for sharing those pictures. That is truly a wonderful place... so lush. Loved all the green and the rocks! What a great place to visit.

  10. What a delightful place to visit. I like the use of the stones. They make the stone pyramids here also since our soil if full of rocks. Great use for them.

  11. I like the stones. I can't resist picking up and bringing home big stones. Wish I had a yard full. That is the best looking strawberry shortcake ever! I may have to make one for us.

  12. What a cool garden. I read a blog the other day that said when they picked the first of the strawberries a shortcake would be made and enjoyed for supper as the main meal! :)

  13. What a wonderful oasis of green, and rocks! And your strawberry shortcake looks scrumptious!

  14. What a lovely place to visit...

  15. You find the most gorgeous gardens. I've already had dinner, but your strawberry shortcake made my mouth water.


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