Friday, November 8, 2019

Friday Walk

We have been enjoying wonderful weather. Morning fog gives way to sunny afternoons. Autumn colors still linger in trees and bushes. 

We have reached a stopping point in our outdoor garden work, while still being able to take our local walk in the neighborhood each day.

Today, Friday, we enjoyed a long breakfast with our friends. At home I had time to get my physical therapy exercise routine completed before lunch. Then this afternoon we decided to take a destination  walk.

We didn't have to drive far, just down into the valley to the River Bend Golf Course along the Green River. We started with a visit at the Old Fishing Hole.

 Then we walked on the paved trail along the river, which skirts the golf course. We walked a little over two miles in all, which is about my limit these days.  It's flat, easy walking, with no cars and relative quiet, considering we are still in a populated area. 
 There was the guy who shouted at us, but that was good too. He was driving by on his golf cart, saw Tom's Sounders coat and hat, and yelled, "Go, Sounders, go!" 

Our city is gearing up for the big Major League Soccer Championship game here on Sunday. We will be there, of course.
In the mean time, we are enjoying taking it easy.


  1. Small world. We have a Riverbend Golf Course too. I take my birders through it a couple of times a year.

  2. Wasn't it a lovely day to be outside? Or even just to be alive!! I know these nice days are going to end very soon but in the meanwhile we appreciate them.

  3. Your deserve it after all that garden and yard work this year!!

  4. You still have lots of beautiful color, while ours is mostly gone. I will be rooting for the Sounders and thinking of you there in the stands. :-)

  5. Those reflection shots were amazing. Loved them. Go Sounders.

  6. I saw your comment on Room Without Walls. Then read your profile. Anyone who is a retired teacher and a proud Democrat is worth at least one visit. :)

  7. Oh wow! These are such gorgeous fall photos, Linda. My daughter just texted me that they've got temperatures in the single digits in Chicago right now.


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