Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Seattle Sounders Celebration!

Sunday we won the Cup. Today we had a parade.

The Sounders faithful gathered at noon in the center of the city, Westlake Center, for the beginning of a parade and rally to honor our champions.

By 10:00, when we set out for the light rail, the rain had stopped. Yay!

 The train deposited us right in the heart of the city.
 We found a place where we could spot the players as they arrived. 
 We tried to get photos of players and the coach.
 Then I realized I was standing right next to Nico Lodeiro, team captain! 

There was Stefan Frei, our awesome Goal Keeper, with the MLS Cup. 
 And Coach Brian Schmetzer, our home grown Mr. Sounder. 
 There was a cheer when these two showed up, Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara. Wilson is part of a new Sounders ownership group. They flew back from the big Monday Night Football game in San Francisco to make it here today. 

 These two are "borrowed" photos. As you can see, the Sounders now have two MlS Cups, 2016 and 2019.  Stefan Frei is a big reason why. 
The Wilsons joined the mayor on the bus. 
 As the parade got underway, we moved down the course a ways to take it in. 

 Our Sounders band, Sound Wave. 

 Then instead of walking the parade route, we headed for the Monorail, which took us to the Seattle Center, where the rally would be held. We had time for lunch before joining the crowd. 

 We brought my folding stool to save by back and legs while we waited. 
I couldn't really see the live action on the stage, but the big screens did just as well. 
 There were flags and cheers and speeches. 

 And players hoisting the trophy and celebrating, and us celebrating them. 

 When the celebrating was done, we lingered at the center.
 And then we made our way back via the Monorail and the light rail and finally back home.
It was a fun day, and a great culmination to a winning Sounders Soccer season. 

Now I'll be packing up and putting away all of our Sounders gear for a while. But a new season starts again in March! We'll be ready. 


  1. Your pictures are great! It is so easy taking pictures today. Click Click Click. Events are securely saved for us to enjoy for years and years.

  2. I am so glad you went to the celebration. I didn't have any doubts that you would, and your pictures allowed me to be there after a fashion. The Sounders and the Seahawks are sure wonderful this season! :-)

  3. seems it's always some new season in sports. congrats on your winning team!

  4. I wondered if you would be at the parade. I should have known you guys wouldn't miss it. How cool that you got a couple of selfies with one of the stars!

  5. I knew as elaborate as the celebrations are for each game, winning the championship celebration would be amazing. You really got up close and personal with the players. That had to be special. Be proud of a wonderful season and may it continue next year.

  6. That was some celebration. I'm glad you got those great pictures to remember the day ( as if you'd forget it).

  7. Okay, this post is amazing too! Your pictures are so good. Looking at them makes me feel like I am right there with you. Seeing Russell Wilson was a treat. He has a beautiful wife, doesn't he? Seeing your family together is a treat!

  8. I can feel the excitement from your photos. What a moment! It's great too because you're with your family celebrating together. Absolutely awesome!


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