Sunday, November 24, 2019

Giving Thanks Week

It's late on Sunday afternoon and I am settled into my recliner in my warm, cozy house, with my beloved husband here beside me, as he so often is. In a bit I'll get up and fix us a simple supper. It has been a good day.  I am grateful.

This morning I had time to do my physical therapy exercises, which keep me physically functional and moderately fit. Then I watched our Seahawks win while I baked the first batch of this year's Christmas cookies. Ooops, that sideways thing again. 
 This afternoon we attended our grandson's final soccer match of the season. It was a chilly but sunny autumn day.  Isaac looked good on the field. We had time to visit with our daughter Jill. 

 The sun set behind the hills as we sat on the sidelines. 
I am grateful for a healthy family and the opportunities they have here in our beautiful Puget Sound Country. 

Given the topic of my last post, I have decided to put the discord and the anxiety of politics away for a week. I want to spent this Thanksgiving week feeling gratitude. 

Tom and I have built a beautiful life together here. We have much to be grateful for. This week we'll count our blessings.  


  1. It's always a good thing to focus on our blessings. Wasn't it a lovely day? We had such wind overnight that one lattice came down, Clematis and all. I guess the wind blew all the clouds away because we were not expecting sunshine today.

  2. You certainly keep busy and that is a blessing in itself.
    Many blogs have a theme. In other words they post about one subject (can be boring). I like a blog that posts a variety of topics. I think yours does that. You mentioned your little rant on our country's situation. We need to do that once in a while! And yes this is a week to be thankful and spread some harmony. Let us dwell on the good things.

    (But next week ... we will expect you to be back in full force keeping us informed.)

  3. We cannot as citizens take away the politics, but we can certainly take a break. I avoid writing about politics, but our country is at a very important point and there are things you can do locally to help democracy strengthen. This week I am thankful for freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and freedom of the press among many other things!

  4. It's good to take a break now and then from our usual activity. But yours and Tom's are always positive and life affirming. And how about those Seahawks! :-)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your family time.

  6. You vented your spleen at a good time. Now you can just enjoy family, thankfulness and lots of good food. Happy Thanksgiving Reeder family.

  7. Amen. May we all continue to have wonderful lives and be grateful.

  8. yes gratitude is so much more fulfilling than politics any day...

  9. You really do have a wonderful life, Linda. You and Tom have raised such terrific kids and have two grandchildren I've seen grow from angelic looking children to beautiful young adults. And you have that humongous, gorgeous garden that gives you such pleasure at every season.


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