Friday, November 1, 2019

Strolling in Another Beautiful Garden

It was Friday morning and another crisp, clear day. We had all the yard work done for the week, and it was time for another treat. After breakfast with our friends we were off to the Washington Park Arboretum.

The Arboretum is under the care of Seattle City Parks Department and the University of Washington. The land was originally set aside  as an arboretum in 1934. Many improvements have been made over the years, and we found it lovingly cared for. Autumn is a wonderful time to visit. 

 In the Winter Garden the Witch Hazels turn lovely colors.

 Camellias seem to have many seasons.  

 Buff toned beauty of bracken fern. 

 Japanese Maples at their best. 

 We sat here quite a while. It was a hard spot to leave. 
 There are steps and pathways going every which way. One could walk for hours and never travel the same path. 

 Less groomed parts of the arboretum are more natural. It's like going for a walk in the woods. 

 Trunks of old rhododendrons make a filigree screen to views beyond. We really should come back when these old giants are blooming.  

 New steps lead to a recent addition. 

 It's a New Zealand Garden surrounding the old gazebo. 

 Oh, wow. Pink and orange! What a wonderful combination! I remember when this was a fashion statement in the 60's. 
 The seeds of Euonymus europeaus were a real treat on the far reaches of our stroll.

 But by now, several hours into the walk, our breakfast had worn off, and we were in need of sustenance. We took the straight path back up Azalea Way and back to the parking lot. 
We really do need to visit this treasure more often. 


  1. If I lived where you live, I would rarely be at home!!

  2. Such beautiful trees and bushes. I really enjoyed our walk through the colors. Thank you so much! :-)

  3. I love arboretums. You still have lots of brilliant color.

  4. Each year you show me Witch Hazel and I think "I need to plant some of that." However each planting season I forget. Maybe next year.
    What a lovely place to walk. Loved the walk through the woods part.

  5. Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Another most beautiful garden to wander around.

  7. This arb still has lots of color. I would love to see those old rhodies blooming in the spring.

  8. I love the arboretum so much. Don't get down that way much any more. Yes you should go when the rhodies are blooming. the giant one and their name escapes me at the moment, have a delicious aroma.

  9. beautiful, lots of leaves to take care. i'm amazed of all the names of plants, flowers and trees that you know!

  10. I was ready to let go of the yellow leaves - your new header is very peaceful.

  11. These are absolutely awesome photos, Linda. I wish we could experience them too. Sigh... We have rain today.


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