Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving Day

It was a different Thanksgiving day but it was a good one.

In the morning I did my exercises while Tom got the garage set up for wreath making later in the day.  We watched a little of the parade and then were pulled upstairs to our office to try some more stuff on our new laptop. Actually I did that while Tom worked on  saving photos and files from our old desktop to an external hard drive.

I apparently was successful yesterday in setting up iCloud and connecting my iPhone, because photos began arriving on my laptop today! We're going to have to get technical support to figure out the email mess, but I am actually posting this blog from my new laptop, using the photos in the photo storage! Yay!

Jake came by a little after noon to pick up his pie before setting off for the Oregon coast. Then we left for our restaurant dinner. It was good!
 We had a salad buffet, then the turkey/stuffing/gravy main course, then the dessert buffet, all for just $20.00 each.  This is a small neighborhood family restaurant where we know much of the staff because we eat there every Friday morning. 

We left there stuffed, and then went for a walk at the nearby DesMoines Marina and DesMoines Creek trail.
 We could see Mt Rainier over the marina. It was cold, but very clear. 
 There were lots of ducks afloat.

 I love how our shadow looks like two more people on another bridge.
 We walked about two miles all together. That was enough to settle our dinner.

 We are only about three weeks till solstice, so the sun never gets very high. This was about 3:30.
 After we got home we got busy in the garage making wreaths.
 I designed and made the bundles and Tom attached them to the wire frame. 
 Here's ours. We made one for Jake too. We'll get one made for Jill in the next few days, and I'll put a few embellishments on ours.
Now I'm playing with my new laptop a bit more . When I hit "publish" it will be time to pack it in for the day and go watch some TV. We have some shows recorded and more to explore on Netflix.

It was a good day. 


  1. Your wreath looks great. I like it the way it is even with no embellishments.
    Nice that you're getting comfortable with your new laptop.

  2. Your wreath is lovely, what a talent you have for putting the bundles together. Mine would have been a mess. Glad you seem to be getting the laptop sorted.

  3. Lovely pictures and account of your Thanksgiving Day. The words the I remembered when I reached the end were:
    "We left there stuffed."
    Well said and so very original. lol I could not have said it better.

  4. We ate out, too. It was much easier not to overeat, but still I felt stuffed. I love your pretty wreaths, and I know you will enjoy the holiday season. I'm just glad I'll be able to enjoy it with you! :-)

  5. The best part of eating out is no clean up. Sounds like a very pleasant and relaxing day. Also glad you and the new computer are getting along great. Those new technical relationships can be stressful. Wreaths look great as is.

  6. I fine meal and lots of creative things to do makes for a good day. Oh ya, throw in some exercise too!

  7. Eating out for Thanksgiving ever once in a while and avoiding all the clean up is fun. I love the "shadow" picture!

  8. I want to have an easy going Thanksgiving like yours. Easy and stress free. Each year I have to get the house cleaned up, prepare side dishes, coordinate food, friends and family for our annual Thanksgiving lunch. By the end of the day I am pooped to the max with too much leftover food and a dishwasher full of plates and such.

    You are the hostess supreme and your gatherings throughout the year are so well organized and wonderful. I am the opposite - a mess who has a difficult time handling events. Still, our Thanksgiving lunch was enjoyed by all, and I am SO glad it is over!

  9. Your wreath is really holiday pretty! It must smell great too. You and Tom are so creative. Congratulations on getting your computer set up. I am really relating to what Honolulu Aunty just wrote. That's exactly my feeling too.

  10. I am impressed that you could make your new computer do anything. I struggle in that area. Your Thanksgiving dinner looks good. The walk you took even looks great. I love the shadow picture. The wreath is beautiful!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  11. I'm having fun with my new iPhone and finding photos that I take on my other devices...always something new to learn. We enjoyed our leftovers today but it was very labor intensive to do all that cooking in one day. I took a 3 hour nap yesterday!

  12. That was a busy day -- so not so different than most of your days. The wreath is beautiful.

  13. It does sound like a very good day and you had a busy thanksgiving


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