Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Sunday Walk and Some Healing

While our cities are in turmoil with demonstrations of righteous rage, tainted by the violence of those whose only cause is chaos, and joined by those who are disconnected, naive, and just looking for an excuse for wilding, we decided to seek peace for ourselves. 

My Sunday started out hard, with pain that got me out of bed and only as far as my computer chair. There I caught up with your blog posts, Facebook, and a bit of the awful news, before gaining enough stability to hit the shower. A nice hot shower helped, as did a few stretches. After breakfast I worked down the list of physical therapy exercises I had rebuilt for myself the day before, returning to those that have helped to keep me mobile for years, eliminating those obviously hard on my back, and doing others tentatively to see how they would feel. I have about a 35 minute routine that I can now go back to, and doing these exercises really helped. 

Then I sat back down at the computer and composed and sent my email to my primary care doctor asking for help in getting a complete orthopedic evaluation. I was matter of fact about that PT therapist too. 

Tom and I spent about an hour in the garage working on a project that I will share in a future post. I still had an hour to sit in my recliner with the heating pad and read the Sunday paper before our 1:00 lunch time. 

My goal had been to get to the point where I could manage a walk, and I did. At about 2:30 drove over to the Des Moines Marina where we walked the length of the Marina, since the park itself was closed but there was parking at the closed restaurant on the other end. 
After two days of heavy rain, the sky was beginning to clear. Other people were out too, but we all kept a safe distance. 
We walked out to the end of the fishing pier,
Then we walked over to the beach at Des Moines Creek Park. 
 Families were enjoying themselves here, including a family of geese. 
Parents and kids were playing together without crowding. The sound of happy children was quite pleasing. 
We stopped and talked to a friend we met while walking back to the car. We covered about 1.7 miles in an hour's time, what with visiting and resting on benches in the sunshine. 

When we returned home we wiped the rain water off the patio table and I sat there for an hour, reading my book and enjoying the warm sun on my back. I felt completely at peace. My body seemed to be at peace too, at least for the rest of this day. Nothing is hurting for the moment. I am happy. 

I am ready to start all over tomorrow, hoping each day will be better. 


  1. I'm happy to hear that you are taking it one day at a time and managing your PT routine which seems to be right for you. Good that you walked. I hope each day finds you feeling a bit better ( well, I wish you'd feel a LOT better but we must be realistic, right?)

  2. I am glad you found some healing and those moments to savor. It sounds as though you are taking good care.

  3. I hope your own PT program keeps working for you! Keeping pain to a minimum is a great goal!

  4. I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering so much pain. I also have a stretching routine and it definitely helps. If I miss it, shortly after noon I know it. One of the good things is to keep moving as you also see some very interesting things.

  5. So glad your efforts were successful in getting you moving. I hope you can get the evaluation and can find permanent relief. Keep taking such good care.

  6. It was so good to hear that you are feeling somewhat better and will have a complete evaluation in the near future. I know how much you need to be out and about, just like me. :-)

  7. Good to hear that you got a little relief. You have some beautiful scenes to take in while you walk about. I hope you continue to recover.

  8. take it slow and easy and your body will tell you what to do to heal. Sounds like a lovely sunday stroll, peaceful!

  9. I like your idea about choosing peace and pushing yourself to move. Sending healing wishes your way!

  10. Glad you got some relief - you know your body best. What a beautiful marina!

  11. Such a lovely day out. YOu live in a very beautiful area..which is good for healing.


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