Friday, May 15, 2020

Getting It Done, and Getting Away

The vegetable/cut flower garden is planted. The tulips are lifted and the bed on top of the wall is planted. Plants Tom grew in his green house are transplanted, and seeds are in the ground.
I helped clean out beds to prepare them for planting. Tom planted all of the seeds and I did the transplanting. We are a good team. Now we need the sun, and an occasional rain, to make them grow. 

John Dever sang it well in The Garden Song

Since you see it in my new header, I should mention that the wisteria on the deck is in full bloom. 

Then on Thursday we ran away. We had pots of geraniums, again from Tom's green house, to take to the deck at the Whidbey Island cabin. We got up early, did our weekly grocery shopping in an almost empty store, grabbed some breakfast, packed a lunch, and set off on a drippy morning. We found a drive through Starbucks on the way for our getaway treat. By the time we got to the ferry we were out of the rain. 

Arriving at the cabin we visited with Tom's cousin who talked to us from the deck of his next door cabin. We sized up the garden work we needed to do there, got changed into garden clothes, and spent an hour weeding in the cabin garden.
 The tulips are all done here too, and it is time for the self seeded California poppies and columbine. 

After a leisurely lunch, we went for a walk on the beach road. I managed 1.4 miles, with a stop at the beach. Then it was time to be lazy. We found comfortable places to lounge and read. Tom fell asleep and I finished my book. I even spent some of that time reading in the sun on the deck. 

A little after 5:00 we packed up to head home, planing to heat up left overs when we got home. We had to wait for a ferry, and on the road, still north of Seattle at 6:30, we decided to stop at a Subway shop and get take out sandwiches to eat in the car instead. 

Fed and happy with our day away, we arrived home about 7:30, content to have been away for the day, but always happy to be home too. 


  1. The wisteria is gorgeous! Good work on all the gardening, it's clear it's a labour of love.

  2. Your wisteria blooms are is your yard and cabin-what a lovely getaway. My son has a cabin in the mountains in Utah about an hour from their place but it's still 3 hr drive for us and we aren't out and about YET except for groceries and doctor appts.

  3. Oooohhhh that wisteria is gorgeous. I don't know if I could leave it. ;) It looks like pictures in books and magazines. Glad you had such a successful day/week. Cheers and have a good weekend.

  4. Your wisteria is as beautiful as ever. I just love it. And it sounds like it was pretty much a perfect day. :-)

  5. When you're busy every day has an achievement or two. that's satisfying.

  6. You two get a LOT done in a short while. Your Wisteria is wonderful.
    I love that last picture, the ocean and those clouds!!!

  7. Your wisteria is fantastic. Wonderfully fantastic.

  8. You two must put your heads to the pillow at night quite content with your day. You always accomplish so much and have such beauty to enjoy as a reward.

  9. Thank you for showing your wonderful wisteria blooms again. It's amazing how much you accomplish in a single day. Keeping up with gardens can make for long days but the reward is so worth it.


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