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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Decorating Our Garden

With the sun shining, the rain stopped for now, and the temperature warming up, this week it was time to decorate the out of doors and set up for out door living. That means emptying the greenhouse where tender plants were growing, and the shed, where garden furniture and "yard art" were stored.

We cleaned all of the outdoor furniture and put the oil cloth table coverings on. We set up the new rainbow umbrella which had recently arrived from Amazon. 
I see I took this photo before we put out the new chairs and retired the old, winter chairs to the shed.

 We moved put all of the fancy succulents and spikey plants out of the greenhouse and arranged them on the patio.

 We decorated: hearts in front of the shed.
 Tom's fancy leaf geraniums raised from cuttings, here, there, and everywhere. 
 The weird pregnant onions, not really onions at all, and bird friends. 
 The patio pots have all been refreshed. I should mention Tom washed the patio pavers to start the process. 
 The impatiens and plectranthus are planted.
I removed all of the pieces from this wall, brushed them off, brushed off all the spider hiding places on the wall, and put them all back in the right place. That fuchsia is my Mother's Day gift from Jill and the kids. 
I did the same with Tom's nozzle collection. 
Over the years we have collected or been given lots of decorative pot stakes. Here are a few. 
Lastly for the patio Tom moved the heavily pruned brugmansia into place. 
 The tulips faded fast in warmer temps. Next week we'll lift the cans the bulbs are in, set them in a back corner, and plant something else.
It's columbine time.
And perennial corn flower, Mountain Bluet. 

Pacific Coast Iris. 

The Welsh poppies have popped. 
The island bed in the lower yard is filling in. 

May apple flowers. 

Down the garden path to the deck, everything is going green. 

A place to contemplate. 

Tom is hanging up the old cabin windows with Rusty Bird decorations. 

He has his drip system ready for his tube planters. 

Native False Solomon's seal
Sweet little Star Flower, a native ground cover. 
Domesticated Solomon Seal. 
The tomatoes are planted, along the garage wall, 
and in front of the now almost empty green house and holding area. 
Tom has tied the golden hop up since I took this photo. Some of his fancy leaf geranium collection will sit in front of it. 
In the front yard, the ground is disappearing. 
More geraniums, and the Lewisia in bloom, on the front porch. 

On Friday I got all of the glass flowers placed in the garden. Here are some of them. BTW, there are chickadees nesting in that bird house. 

And finally, the rocking chairs are waiting in the shade. I spent time there on Friday afternoon, and that is where I am heading now. The weather station is reading 89 degrees! The shade might be too warm.
The rhubarb pie is baked for tomorrow. Jake will be coming over to join us for some grilled burgers and a visit. Jill and the kids are away. 

Happy Mother's Day! I plan to rest now. 


  1. What a besutiful garden! It looks like late June compared to here.

  2. wow, what a lovely yard ready for summer. It's 95 degrees here today, hubby's been working on the irrigation drip system to our plants and shrubs-lots of leak to fix...our one cherry tomato plant is growing and I do have some flowers for mother's day from the yard...ENjoy!

  3. I'm at a loss for words. All this and only two people to create it.

  4. That is absolutely amazing. It all looks so elegant and beautiful. I can't imagine it being so nice and warm there. We are expecting a low of 35 degrees tonight and a frost warning. I covered the plants in the garden and brought several things back inside the greenhouse. It's crazy weather! Happy Mother's Day Linda.

  5. The whole garden is looking wonderful. The glass flowers add their beauty to the whole.
    It was just a bit too hot for my comfort today. One more day of heat then down to more reasonable temps. Happy Mothers Day

  6. Everything is lovely! You are such hard workers in your yard! :)

  7. Happy Mother’s Day to you and Jill, Linda. All your garden pictures make me smile and gives me a sense of peace.

  8. Such a wonderful garden that you tend to with great vision.

  9. So beautiful! Your garden and beautiful yard leaves me in awe each year!

  10. Happy Mothers's Day. My goodness, you have more portable plants than most people have in ground plants. Just beautiful. I still say you could charge admission and am so glad you let us tour for free.

  11. Incredible and beautiful! Thank you for the lovely tour of your grounds. I am amazed at the amount of work the two of you accomplish. :-)

  12. Looks like a fun place to visit and chat. Happy Mother's Day!

  13. Your garden is full of quite a lot of love. I enjoy seeing all your collections. Keeping up with them is a chore so you must love them all or you wouldn't do it. All of those glass flowers are pretty. I am death on glass anyplace but especially in the garden. You deserve a rest today. Enjoy!

  14. I love the nozzle collection.

  15. Oh my goodness! And I thought I had been busy! Your yard is beyond splendid. I've never seen the maple flowers before - they are amazing. I saw another interesting plant the other day when we were out on a job - a coral bark maple I think she called it. I love plants and your blog always offers the best pictures and most interesting varieties!

  16. I always love your garden tours, especially when we just had snow a couple days ago. It's always a treat for me to see any photos of your wisteria - my favorite plant.


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