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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Taking My Time and Making It Last

It might have still been February when I started this little sewing project. Still with scraps to use up, I began piecing together another set of place mats and a table topper. My favorite part of these projects is playing with color. 
Using up more batik fabric left overs, I decided to go easy on myself on the place mats and just do stripes of varying widths. I used a previously made place mat as a template and just laid out pieces until I got the size I wanted. Once I had the pieces sewn together I could always add another strip to each end to get the width I wanted, which I did. 

For the table topper, I decided to use up smaller pieces I had left over, using squares and rectangles, again laying them out on a template to get the size I wanted. 

Keep in mind, I did this over days, weeks even, doing just a little bit at a time, playing with color and shape. This was my creative break from gardening and exercising and reading and cooking and house keeping. 

When I finally had the tops all sewn together, I then had to find enough fabric for the backing. As you can see, they all have something different on the back, but still color coordinated. 
Fortunately I had a big enough piece of one fabric, left over from a quilt, to make all of the binding for the three mats.

Last week, I finally got back to finally finishing sewing down the bindings. Now they are finished.
I love how the color looks with the little hodgepodge bouquet I picked from the garden. 

Someone asked me before what I do with the mats I make. Do I give them away? If I were making sets of four, I might give them away, but with just enough fabric for the three pieces, I keep them and we use them. I love changing them out with the seasons, or just for fun.

I still have some fabric left over, in smaller and smaller pieces. What should I do with them? I could make more masks, I guess, but I would prefer something that takes my mind off of pandemics, something fun.

I guess I'll dig deeper into my scrap box. Maybe a quilted wall hanging is in my future, just as long as I take my time and make it last. 


  1. That picture with the flowers is just lovely. Very uplifting. :-)

  2. The fabric you used is very cheery and summerish. 'They' say this weekend ushers in the summer season so your table topper and place mats are ready just in time.

  3. Beautiful! I have been into making shopping bags with myscraps. Everybody got one in stockings at Christmas time. I have actually had some of them stolen from my shopping cart in the past. Just n excuse to make some more.

  4. Just as long as you get pleasure, relaxation and satisfaction you can keep on doing these projects.

  5. Yes such bright pretty colors! Well done! :)

  6. Its fun to have a creative project, I'm into collaging these days and also writing poetry...

  7. I love the colors, and the photo with the flowers is darling. Nicely done!

  8. You really know how to brighten a room. Loved the mat and flowers together. Just makes one smile to see it.

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  10. Beautiful color and pattern combos.

  11. The mats are just beautiful. I love the colors you've put together. That wisteria is breathtaking and there is so much of it! I've tried for years to get wisteria started but with no luck. Well, I did finally get some growing on the back side of the dam and it has climbed a tree. Hope we both live long enough to see blooms.


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