Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Getting Away

We decided to follow up on our need to wander, so after our Zoom meeting with friends Tuesday morning, we set out south to Olympia, an hour's drive, stopped at a Safeway store to use the rest room, since you never know where you'll find another when away from home these days, and to buy a bunch of red roses. 

Our first stop was the Masonic Cemetery, where Tom's parents, grand parents, and great grand parents are buried. 

 It was shocking to me to realize that Tom's parents have been gone for 35 years! But then I did the math. We are old now too, older than they were when they passed. 
 Great grandfather Seneca Reeder has a Civil War marker. 
 We checked in on Tom's cousin Syd and her son Joe too, gone much to soon, and Syd's parents,Uncle Bob and Aunt Wanda. They were all part of the Whidbey Island bunch and are certainly missed at those Phosie Gertie picnics. 

 Then we were off back north to Tacoma, to the old Tacoma Cemetery and a visit with Tom's maternal grandparents. 

 This is such a beautiful cemetery, especially when the stately old rhododendrons are in bloom. 

We had planned to go from here to the rhododendron garden at Point Defiance Park, but alas, the gates were closed. We are all still in Phase 1 here.   So we checked out a nearby nursery that we had driven by many times before but where we had never stopped. Jungle Fever specializes in tropical plants.

 Tom bought a Spanish moss, which is a Tillandsia, an air plant. I'm not sure what he has planned for it. 
 Well, now it was time for our Starbucks treat. We had brought our lunch from home and we ate it in the car while still in the Tacoma Cemetery enjoying the beautiful and peaceful setting. Now we located a Starbucks near Commencement Bay in Tacoma, bought our beverages, and drove over to the Chinese Reconciliation Park on the bay.
 There were people about but no crowds and we sat in the sunshine enjoying our coffee and another beautiful setting. Then we walked about a bit in the park. 

 The Rugosa roses are so fragrant. 

 It's Peony time and there were some beauties in bloom. 

It was such a restful day that when I got home sometime after 4:00 I baked a rhubarb cake before fixing salads for dinner.

Getting away was refreshing as well as meaningful. It was a very good day. 


  1. I am missing my favorite flowers in Vermont this year -- lilacs, lily of the valley, and crab apple blossoms. But the citrus-scented jasmine here is my FL yard has a beautiful scent so I am making do.

  2. That is a fine looking cemetery. It was a nice thing you did with the roses on your ancestors' graves. What is the place that Tom hat is pointing to?

    1. The coordinates on Tom's hat are the location of the Whidbey Island cabin on Useless Bay.

  3. Lucky you to have such a rich area to visit.

  4. we all need a day away from home with this corona virus. Lovely trip and remembering family also with red roses is touching...we're needing to drive for an hour away to see green again in the nearby mountains and pine trees as it will be 100 degrees today...

  5. Was hoping to see wonderful pictures when I logged on this morning and was not disappointed. You look great! And such poignancy with the pictures of all the beautiful flowers and plants and your visits to the cemeteries.

  6. What a lovely, relaxing day and how nice to visit and remember Tom's relatives. I had the same question as Djan about Tom's coordinates on his hat. Thanks for the answer.
    How nice that you basically had the park to yourselves.

  7. David and I should drive around the island and have a change of scenery. You had an awesome day.

  8. You visited some beautiful cemeteries! Everything is in bloom there and so beautiful!

  9. What a nice day for you! btw, we call Spanish Moss "Pele's Hair" or "Hinahina" in Hawaii. We drape it on tree branches or tie it with string and hang it wherever. It is also used to wrap around orchid plant roots to keep them moist. However, I was told that it shouldn't be hung in front of the house. Not sure why but it had something to do with Pele, our volcano goddess.

    I have a bunch draped on a ladder that keeps growing - I almost wish I didn't have it because it looks like a straggly grey thing. Some people use it as a lei and some tie it like an ornament ball.

  10. When you get out you really have a good day.

  11. You packed quite a lot into your day away. The rhodos in the cemetery add a lovely touch.

  12. I love how you put the roses on the old graves. When you got back to the cemetery at Tacoma I though, how beautiful! and that was your next sentence. The most beautiful cemetery I've ever seen. The Peonies are so pretty. The Peony here had only one bloom this year. I don't understand why. Love the pictures of you and Tom. You two are an amazing couple.

  13. Sounds like a fantastic day out. Lots of memories revisited and new memories made.


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