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Thursday, July 9, 2020

A Little Retreat

Yesterday evening while we were picking the raspberries, an old friend came for a little much needed attention.
Yes, It's Charlie Mewdini! After months penned up in quarantine, he has been set free! Naturally he came to find us. As we returned to the house, he ran and jumped on the table by the back door where his food dish always was. Yes, of course, I gave him a little treat. Then he made himself right at home.

It is good to see you, old friend.

Charlie will be back when we return home. After our early morning grocery shopping Thursday, we packed up and headed for Whidbey Island. 
 The lavender and the California poppies are in their full glory.

 Tom flew our colors.
 I went for three short walks, each time ending up on the beach.
 Can you tell how much I need a haircut? 
 During our final walk in the evening, we enjoyed sitting on the beach to watch color in the clouds. 

 After low tide all day, the  water began to fill the lagoon.
Day one of our little get away was a good one.


  1. Your hair looks pretty good! Nice of your friend to show up before you left. Enjoy your time away...the gardens are beautiful!

  2. I kind of like your hair longer. A little trim and it would be perfect. Such a lovely place to hang out, Linda. :-)

  3. Such a beautiful spot. It must truly feed your souls.

  4. This prairie boy loves to walk on beaches too. A walk on the beach without people is even better.

  5. Good seeing Charlie again. I've missed him. Had to smile at your hair. I noticed like mine, the wind can have fun with it in its longer state and my bed hair these days is really comical.

  6. wow what a perfect cool place to recreate!

  7. What a lovely spot! Enjoy your break.

  8. Actually, I like your long hair.

  9. What a nice retreat, and a nice welcome back Charlie!

  10. Such a lovely place. I hope you have a good time. I like your longer hair look.

  11. Your lavender is wonderful.
    So are those clouds!

  12. How good to see Charlie again! Enjoy your time on Whidbey Island!


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