Saturday, July 11, 2020

Exploring Whidbey

Friday was a beautiful blue sky day. We spent several hours in the afternoon driving around the south part of the island, taking back roads, enjoying the views and the forests and the roadside wild flowers. With all of the grasses blooming in the meadows, the colors were lovely, if subtle, against the blue sky. It finally felt like summer.

We mostly just drove, but we did have one destination in mind, Fort Casey. Used to guard the coast during both world wars, it is now a great place just to wander.

We started at the light house, which was closed, but still picturesque.

 It is so open here on the bluffs overlooking Puget Sound. It's a great place for kite flying.

 The old fortifications are great places for kids to explore. 
 The views are expansive.
 Goldenrod in bloom.
 The big gun is impressive, but I was their for peace of mind. 
 The Port Townsend ferry. 
 With so much room to roam social distancing was not a problem.

 A precision kite flying team was practicing maneuvers. 
 After some time strolling around, we drove off to find one more location. The Ledgewood Beach sign is one we have passed may times, but we had never actually been there. We found the tiny public beach access parking area, and this lovely view. 

Friday evening the Sounders played in a tournament, MLS Is Back, in Orlando, Florida. We flew the team colors.

At 6:00, having had an early dinner, we settled in front of the big TV downstairs in the "family room". 

Playing in Florida in summer is a sweat fest, the the guys are rusty, but the Keepers kept both teams in the match for a 0-0 final score. It was good to see our guys in action again, but I'm not sure they should be playing yet. Especially in Florida!

Tom did do a little work. He replaced two landscape posts that had rotted out. He earned his coffee break and a rest. 

 I did no work. My job is to keep myself going. I did my physical therapy exercises each day, and took walks on the beach road. How about this for a septic tank cover. 
And I enjoyed the sky.

We go home this evening. Sunday morning I report to Swedish Hospital for my COVID test. Then I'll finalize the check lists and prepare for Tuesday. 

After this sweet Island get away, I'll be ready. 


  1. The first photos are different for you where there is only grass.

  2. I shall be thinking of you this week! :)

  3. Look at the Homestead sign post on this blog...:)

    1. Thanks for the link. We know about Bayocean, of course, but we have never hiked it, and did not know about a Reeder homestead!

  4. I'm so glad you have enjoyed your island get away! I'll be thinking about you this week too!

  5. Sounds like just what you needed prior to your surgery. Glad you got to see a Sounder's game. Didn't realize ties counted. Feel for them in the Florida sun. Sending you good thoughts, vibes and prayers for the coming week.

  6. What a lovely place to rest and recharge before your surgery. Best of luck!

  7. You look cozy in the family room. Good luck with the test.

  8. We used to go often to Fort Casey. The children, particularly the 3 boys, loved scrambling over everything.
    Nice summer clouds. Isn't it hard to believe that more than a third of July is past? I see you were wearing your cozy sweater. It sure is taking a while to warm up.

    Good luck in all the happenings of this coming week. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

  9. What a lovely break, so peaceful, cool and wishes on your surgery and recovery!

  10. Sweet break and gorgeous views to relax and enjoy. I will be keeping you (and Tom) in my thoughts this week. Wishing you a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

  11. How nice that you had this little get away right before your surgery. Best of luck with it all... Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way.

  12. You are in my thoughts as you prepare for the big day. I love these pictures and am sure you will be fine and recover quickly. Sending you my love and some virtual hugs, too. :-)

  13. Whidbey Island is so beautiful. Your garden looks wonderful - but then what else would it be?


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