Greetings from Seattle

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Swoosh, Boom, Pop, Flash, Sizzle. .

Since there were no big fireworks shows around this year, everyone bought their own. It was a bang up 4th of July.

I am so happy that Jill made us all go to Jan's house as usual on this Independence Day. We were mostly outside, no one had any signs of illness, and we can only hope no one was exposed and a carrier. We all did a lot of hand washing and didn't breath on anyone. We were careful, but we also relaxed for the day.

Jan decorated her deck with flags. The weather warmed up to the low 70's. It was perfect. 

Tom got to have fresh oysters from the bay cooked on the grill. Then he grilled the pre-cooked ribs we had done in the oven at home that morning and we dined on ribs, my macaroni salad, Jan's baked beans, Jill's special corn/avacado, black bean relish scoped up on corn chips, and her fresh fruits and vegie trays. It was all delish!

After dinner the kids played in boats - well, kayaks.

 Jan and I sat down by the dock and talked. 
 A big fat cloud fish ate the sun.

 Finally the sun popped out from under that cloud, just in time for sunset. 

 Then we ate pie.
 Jill said she needed to take a photo of her plate. 
 I did too. They looked just the same. The answer to what kind of pie should I have was, "All of them!". Jill's cherry pie, Jan's rhubarb pie, and my triple berry pie.

 By now there were fireworks going off all around the bay. It was time for Jill's show. 
 I went down to the danger zone long enough to do my giant sparkler. 
 The neighbors had some fancy stuff.
 Most of ours were smaller, but fun. 

 Isaac did the lighting.
 The Young ones sat close to the action. The old ones were cozy on the deck above. 
 Our show and the continuous show all around the bay were noisy and sparkly and fun.
Swoosh, boom, pop, flash, sizzle. 


  1. It looks like it was pretty darn perfect. We had clouds here for most of the morning, but by afternoon it was clear and almost warm. I was awake most of the night from neighbor's fireworks, even though they are illegal in the city limits. Nobody paid any attention at all. :-(

  2. A day that ends with pie sounds down right perfect to me.

  3. What a great July 4th! The fireworks really looked spectacular against the night sky.

  4. What a wonderful day! You all look so happy!

  5. A near perfect day. Your plate of dessert looks like the bomb. Yummm

  6. What a great day you got to enjoy in your family bubble. Outdoors, great food and fireworks. Perfect.

  7. Well, that all looks like great fun! But especially the pie!
    The traditional Burlington fireworks over the lake were cancelled. The mayor suggested residents go out at dusk and all yell BOOM. Somehow I think it was not the same.

  8. Th fireworks topped off a good day of celebration.

  9. Great day of fun and lots of food!! The pie looks so of these days I'm going to bake a cherry pie!!

  10. looks like a perfect day-we stayed home and inside with our 105 degrees outside but 78 inside...thanks to AC. Watched fireworks and entertainment on CNN. To bed early by 10 pm to listen to more firewords shot off-a full day.

  11. A very traditional day. Hoping everyone stays healthy!!

  12. Looks like a very nice day, and the pies!!!!

  13. What a perfect 4th of July celebration! The pictures are wonderful. Jill is beautiful in the picture where she is taking a picture of her plate. You need to frame that one. I love all your family. You are just so special. The pictures with the pot of flowers and flags and sunset are beautiful. Oh, and the big cloud fish that ate the sun...that is so neat. My favorite July 4th post!!

  14. Wow that is a plate of pie! Looks like you all had fun!


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