Greetings from Seattle

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

In the Good Old Summer Time

The sun is shining once is a while. Showers are gentle. Flowers are blooming.
I went for an afternoon walk on Sunday and got a little too warm, so I spent the next hour chillin' out here. I'll be doing a lot of hanging out here after my surgery. It's not a bad life.

Sunday evening we invited son Jake over for pie - yes there was still pie left from the day before - and we had a good visit. Now I have checked in with all of my children so I can go invisible for a while. 

The raspberries are ripe and our newly restored patch is producing big juicy berries. 
I'm eating them on my cereal for breakfast, in yogurt for lunch, and I even cheated and had a bit of ice cream smothered with raspberries yesterday evening. Yum!

Tom and I met in  person with my surgeon yesterday, and I had a phone appointment with the anesthesiologist. The only thing left to do is the COVID test, which is scheduled for Sunday. My check lists are getting checked.

I have a drive up appointment tomorrow morning to get my hearing aids serviced and repaired. Then we are going to disappear to the Whidbey cabin for a few days. 

Our grandson Isaac just arrived to help Tom with pruning the holly hedge. I didn't know that was happening. I guess I'd better be sure I have something to feed him for lunch.  

Time to go. See you soon. 


  1. Sounds like you have things under control. Good for you! You have the most beautiful spot for recuperation. Having to feed a hungry working young man like your Grandson sounds like a three course meal should be prepared. ;)

  2. Another nice day for you. That is the first time of that different view of your patio area. Ugh to the monster house next door, but the cheery umbrella does a good job of distracting.

    A monster duplex (over 7,000 square feet under roof) is now almost complete, and totally blocks the ocean view we once had. Now the view is walls, windows, and a shingle roof, just 5 feet away from our fence. Maybe we need a row of colorful umbrellas to distract - or I just need to learn to accept it.

  3. I am just glad that I will be able to be there with you through your surgery and recovery. You seem to have everything pretty much in hand. I ate too many raspberries yesterday, and so those didn't even look good to me. I'll wait a day or two before gathering some more. :-)

  4. Enjoy your time at the cabin. It sounds like a great way to relax before your surgery.

  5. You do have a perfect place for recuperation and rest. The berries look perfect as well.

  6. The count down for surgery seems to be taking shape.

  7. I hope you have a pleasant get-away to your cabin. Maybe you'll even enjoy some sunshine. It does sound like you have everything organized and under control.

  8. busy times, best wishes for a successful surgery and recovery....beautiful raspberries!

  9. Sounds like the ducks are in a row. Love your recuperation spot and the berries are a healthy treat.

  10. Sounds like you are progressing towards surgery! My sister in laws mastectomy was cancelled ...her surgeon was exposed to Covid 19. So now she waits. I hope your surgery goes off without a hitch!


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