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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Emergency Kit

 9/11 always reminds us that it is time to refresh the emergency kit.  Last year we didn't do it, and it's a good thing that the big earthquake didn't hit this last year, because when we opened the kit, we found a mess. One of the gallons of water sprung a leak from the bottom and the whole gallon of water was absorbed by all of the other contents and then sat that way for who knows how long. 

Needless to say everything perishable or paper had to be tossed. We pretty much started over from scratch.

We have emergency kit lists that tell us what we should have for at least three days. We keep camping gear in the garage and figure we can most likely get to that if we need to. The kit holds food and first aid supplies and toiletries and extra socks and hats and gloves and flashlights and batteries and more. Our new hand crank emergency radio arrives today from Amazon. 

So we went shopping. The list from Safeway was long. Food stuffs include canned soups, chili, crackers and peanut butter, granola bars, instant oatmeal, some canned fruit, and candy. Lots of other stuff landed in the cart too, like hand soap, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, and on and on. 

The work bench in the garage became a staging area. This time the water will be stored on a shelf in the garage and not in the kit. 

Then today we went to a drug store to resupply the first aid kit. More stuff to buy. Finally it was time to repack the emergency tub, which had been freshly scrubbed and aired out. 

The tub will sit on top of the camp box. Tom made this a long time ago as a camp kitchen to sit on the tailgate of a pick up truck. In the good old days we used to take our kids tent camping. 

It still has a lot of good stuff in it and is quite workable sitting on a picnic table, or a work bench. 

Of course none of this would have been very useful if our emergency had been a fire. So many have lost their homes and their livelihoods, and in too many cases, their lives. Smoke still hangs heavy in our air, a reminder of the hardships many continue to face. 

But we are ready for the earthquake. 


  1. Now you've got me thinking. I don't have an emergency kit. I wonder if I should have one. I will check it out.

  2. We had to get our kit ready for a hurricane too. We gave copies of our photos and necessary papers in a flash drive to the kids when we visited them. We had the same problem with water in plastic jugs. We had a two gallon water container we bought for a hurricane emergency. It leaked and warped our floors. We now put the jugs in the spare bathroom tub.

  3. This has reminded me to replace the jugs of water that we used to keep in the chest freezer (under everything else). For some reason when we defrosted the freezer we didn't put the jugs back. But we will.

  4. Good to be prepared, challenging times for sure.

  5. Glad to hear you are ready for the big one when it comes. We haven't done anything but now I'm thinking that would be a good project for these long periods with nothing to do.

  6. I use to do that every year for hurricanes but when I moved to Arkansas, they rarely get this far north. Still it wouldn't hurt to get one ready. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Good reminder. For me, it's the winter car kit that needs to be kitted out. I am planning too, to add to my cold and flu medicines this week as I expect it will be a banner year for that too.

    Take care and stay well!

  8. I'm thinking in the same way of preparation for earthquakes-one thing that is helpful is a copy of important papers like the to your home, and financial info-insurange, bank numbers, etc. the same thing I'm gathering for a book for my survivors one day when it's my turn to depart. Also a change of clothes and some kind of bucket for sanitary needs. Being prepared gives you a feeling of security!

  9. We have a winter survival kit in the car year round. I should check it soon. It has snacks, matches, candles, hand warmers, gloves, hat, a metal cup and a plastic cup...the hand warmers probably need to be replaced. We have a quilt that covers the bottom our hatchback...two fold purpose to keep the vehicle clean and in case we need it! I also have a very heavy down parka that we carry around in the wintertime. No earthquakes here...just snowstorms.
    Good for you getting prepared!

  10. Great idea - to make such a complete emergency kit. You have me thinking now!

  11. You are inspiring me, maybe I will create a super kit like yours. Those water jugs do leak over time. I keep the old ones for washing hands, etc. in an emergency even if they are several years old. I packed a suitcase because the fires were so close, but did not need to evacuate.


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