Monday, November 2, 2020

Beautiful November

 The leaves are finally turning in the Reeder Garden. Blue skies this weekend and through Monday have made these days glorious.

The Full Moon Maple in the front yard. 

Maples and Dogwood in the back yard. 

Down the garden path to the deck. 

We have used these crisp, sunny days to get some major work done in the garden.

It took me a couple of afternoons, but I got this bed all clipped and sorted out, and ready for leaf mulch when the leaves fall. 

I finished cleaning out the rose bed. We won't cut the roses back until late winter.
This is the bed above the wall, behind where we planted tulips. Tom got everything clipped back and cleaned up. 
He got most of his Bonsai trees moved into his garden box cloches. 

We have more work to do, but the rains return tomorrow, so we'll get out when we can.

Halloween report: Yes, I dressed up in my witch costume to go take treats to my grandkids, who are high schoolers. Isaac was scheduled to be home from his job at a nearby Papa John's Pizza a little after 7:00. We waited a while to see if he was going to make it home, communicating with Jill, but they were apparently very busy at the pizza place, so I finally just presented myself on the doorstep for Irene. She met me with a sort of you-are-weird grin. We visited for a while and played with kittens that Jill is fostering. We left them a bunch of candy.

Since Isaac still wasn't home, we decided to go to him. I walked into the pizza shop in costume with my basket of candy and said that no one came to my house to trick-or-treat so I needed to give some candy away. "Is there someone here named Isaac." When Isaac looked around the corner from his work station and realized who we were he said, "What are you doing here? This is embarrassing." We just grinned behind our masks, and left some candy for the crew. 

Jill reported later that Isaac was more amused about it by then. At first he thought it was just some random lady being fun. Then he realized it was me. As we left, the girl staffing the register was asking "Was that your grandparents?"


Oh, and on the way home we saw three boys out trick-or-treating in our neighborhood but not having much luck. I put my witches hat back on, got out of the car and called to them. I gave away the rest of my candy. They were happy and so was I. 


  1. how fun, you certainly had a busy fun halloween-your yard looks lovely!

  2. Your garden still looks great but there comes a time when fall work has to be done. I completed my fall work today. We had a beautiful chinook all day and it's still warm this evening.

  3. Oh my gosh! You guys are the absolute BEST grandparents. I can just imagine how proud Isaac was.

  4. We didn't have any trick or treaters, but I didn't expect any. This was a fun story, Linda. Thanks for making me smile today. I hope I will be tonight.

  5. Your yard is so lovely! Sounds like Halloween was fun, even if it was more muted than normal.

  6. That was fun reverse trick or treating. You are the cool grandparents.

  7. I really love that path in your garden. So many plants it looks inviting as does all of your garden. I am glad you had so much fun with your witches costume and delivering candy.

  8. You had a fun Halloween! It still looks like Fall there! :)

  9. You must have made several young people's Halloween!! One they will remember.

  10. Aah, one of the joys in life --embarrassing the children!

  11. Beautiful fall colors! In my garden, November is more colorful than October. That beauty won't last too long after the rains, although.
    About your grandson. Boys... Sometimes, they don't like what we do, but several years later they recall it as fun experience and talk about it with smile on their faces.


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