Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Election Aftermath

 On Facebook I raised the question, What are people voting for when they vote for Trump". In my thinking there are so many reasons not to vote for a man I consider to be despicable. 

My question became: Why do GOOD people vote for Trump.

My niece tried to counsel me. She is a professional counselor. I had said I would expound of this question later, fully intending to write an extensive blog post about Trump's flaws and the flawed thinking of his supporters. Katie urged me to just let it go. She doesn't want me to offend anyone or blow things up in the family. 

Then my sister posted this response on my Facebook page:

"The same question can be asked, what are people voting for when they vote for Biden. As long as we have had elections people have voted for the person they think will do the best job for the nation. I believe a lot of people voted not for Biden but against Trump because they don't like him personally. A hollow reason. I voted for Trump because he has done a good job for the past 3+ years despite the many roadblocks put in his way. I couldn't vote Democrats because of all the money, lies, and time they spent to try to unseat a duly elected president. Unemployment numbers were at all time low, businesses were thriving, economy was good, check your portfolio for growth. We are not so dependent on China, borders are better controlled. Veterans are being taken care of. Peace talks in the middle East..Just a few.
Biden offers increased taxes, open borders, the green deal that will break the economy, deals that are favorable to China. Exploitation of our youth with grafic sex education for young children and pushing transgender identification in primary grades. Abortion upon demand funded by the govt and extended into full term pregnancy. Medicare for all and free college tuition. Not sustainable. So we both have our reasons. I'm sure you would like to.poke holes in mine. Don't spend the time, I'm intelligent and my opinions count as do yours."

To clarify one of her points, the "grafic sex education" refers to a ballot measure in the state of Washington that provides for safety education against sexual abuse. It's not quite as she describes it. It's hardly a Biden position. I guess it's just those damn Democrats, all the same.  

But this and all else she mentions are evidence that we believe what we choose to believe. Her point of view appalls me, but she is my sister and I don't want to break our connection. 

I will not be writing that post about Trump. I think we all know of his shortcomings anyway. I would be preaching mostly to the choir, as they say. 

It looks now like Joe Biden will pull off a victory. I am relieved. However, it doesn't bode well for his administration or the fate of our nation when we are so divided, and that division is based on lies and false claims. Truth does matter. Can we even tell what truth is anymore? 


  1. I am still holding my breath and won't relax until January 20. And with McConnell as Senate Majority leader, he'll continue to jam conservative judges through and block everything Biden tries to do. I'm discouraged. :-(

  2. Your second last sentence is crucial. Somehow the lies have to be called. Truth has to be found and believed.

  3. I’m still holding my breath. It’s not a sure thing yet, I think. Actually, I’m glad to hear your sister’s point of view. I definitely disagree with them, but it’s good to know why anyone would vote for Trump. I’m worried about how we’re going to pull our country back together when it’s been divided so badly.

  4. Thank you for speaking up about your views and sharing opposing views openly. I too wonder how anyone could vote for an such an ethically bankrupt human. It was interesting to hear a reasoned explanation of why one would do so even if I find that way of thinking terrifying.

  5. "Don't spend the time, I'm intelligent and my opinions count as do yours."
    That really does sum it up -- all about opinions, not facts or even substantiated opinions.

  6. It was interesting to hear your sisters views on Trump. It helps me to understand a bit why anyone would chose him. View point is what colors our loyalties. My sister is also a Trump supporter. We never discuss it.

  7. You're a better woman than I. I'm pretty sure I'd have a hard time holding back on a response. But then I've been estranged from my sister for a long time.

    Take care, stay well!

  8. The problem with all of this is that each side thinks they know the truth. (It's the only way I can see how intelligent people can vote for someone who in my opinion puts the economy over the lives of it's citizens - and yes, the economy is important, but not more important than the lives of my children, parents, or grandparents). If we're ever going to get past all this, there has to be a way that all lies are brought out in the open by some 'reliable source'. And a good bit of the problem (IMO) is that there is a 'spec of truth' to some of the lies and that is twisted to easily convince some of it's truth. I think most of us want the same things and think that particular candidate has a better chance of getting it for them. And most of all we need someone to end this division, someone to bring this country back together. I don't know if Biden can do it, but I do know that the last 4 years have proven that Trump certainly hasn't done it.

  9. It is a tense time for our nation and usually is after elections but this time is more drastic and as the whole world looks on for our response as's scary. I've just had to agree to disagree and not discuss politics with friends if we want to continue being friends.

  10. Interesting point of view from your sister.

  11. The results are dragging out a long time. It won't be over for a long time with recounts etc...
    Trump is a business man not a politician...I don't like politicians especially those who have been in Washington for years and did nothing but collect a check.
    I understand exactly where your sister is coming from with her comments. :)

  12. Democrats have not gotten the Senate (yet) and had losses in the House. The next years will be harder on all of us. More division. My question to your sister is why have so many GOP leaders left their party??

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