Monday, November 9, 2020

Mail Woes

Lindsay Graham wants to blame the Postal Service. 

Isn't it ironic that as hard as the Trump administration tried to interfere with the USPS and disenfranchise voters, those ballots nevertheless just kept pouring in and pouring in. 

I made a vow to myself not to gloat about the outcome of the election, but sometimes its hard to keep that promise.

However this post is not really about the election at all. It's about our personal mail woes.

Our neighborhood has, and continues to have, a lot of mail theft and mail box vandalism. We have had a locking mail box for a long time. In fact we are on our third model.

Our first locking mail box got taken out by a car that couldn't manage to stay on the road. We hoped that poetic justice played out and the car was at least as dinged up as our destroyed mail box.

Our second mail box served us a long time, but twice in the last several years it was pried open. We don't know that we lost any mail, at least not anything important. We go paperless on all bank and credit card statements now. Tom managed to get the box straightened out so we could lock it again, but we knew it was vulnerable to being pried open again. 

Our City of SeaTac has a mail box replacement program but it was suspended due to Covid. However, our neighbor Peter, who just happens to be Charlie/Mewdini's  owner (our borrowed neighbor cat for those of you who don't know) is on the city council and heads up the mail box program. We emailed him to see what we could do about a replacement. 

You may remember the trip we took to Redmond a few weeks back with a stop at Marymoor Park. That's when we picked up our new mail box, a deluxe, hopefully tamper proof model that, thanks to Peter, we got a discount on.

Tom got it installed on a Sunday. There was mail in it by Monday. By Tuesday the mail delivery door was hanging open. It seems the strong little magnets that hold that door closed are prized, and commonly stolen. Great. Peter forgot to tell us to glue them in.

I called the mail box company and they sent me replacement magnets. We had them by Thursday. It took two tries to find the right glue, but they are now in place and we think our mail woes are over. 

Poor Lindsey. He is still fighting his battle. Good luck with that, Sir. I'm sure if you find three cases of mail fraud, we'll hear about it. 


  1. I really wanted Lindsey out. McConnell too. They are an embarrassment. That is so very aggravating about your mailbox. Sheesh!

  2. That is an impressive looking mailbox. I really don't get much mail these days. i have one friend who still sends letters the old fashioned way which I do enjoy. Most days, though, it is hardly worth a walk to the post boxes

  3. Some politicians change their positions at the well, drop of a hat. These guys just make a 180 whenever it suits them.

  4. ah for the good old days when mail was delivered to your front door and you actually got handwritten cards and letters!

  5. Our mailbox is an old one that sometimes falls open but our mail is safe - no mail thiefs in our neck of the woods. I also have a PO Box which I check in on once a week. People who tamper with mail are risky fools. It is a federal offense. In fact, that is how our former Chief of Police and his wife were taken to trial for embezzlement and fraud - it started with mail being taken from her mother's mailbox in order to enrich themselves.

  6. I hope your mailbox issues are over, but loved the photos & how you tied this to Lindsey Graham--and I'm in complete agreement with Kay. Bummed that Kentucky & South Carolina had 2 fine new candidates, and went back to their same old-same old. I've HAD IT with these 2.

  7. We have an open mailbox at our apartment complex (no locks). We also have a PO Box where we get our important mail. Sometimes someone goes by our apartment boxes and takes mail out, leaving the entire 28 of them hanging open. We have lost little of value, as far as we know. I'm glad you've got a new one! Looks impressive. :-)

  8. Wow, that's crazy. I do know when mail was delivered to the house there were people stealing cheques from mailboxes but I don't think many people get cheques in the mail anymore. Hope this latest mailbox does the trick.

    Take care, stay well!

  9. I am just so sad that you are having to resort to Fort Knox type efforts to keep your mail safe. So far we haven't had any episodes of mail theft here that I am aware of.

  10. Hopefully this latest mailbox will prove to be tamper-proof.


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