Sunday, November 29, 2020


 On Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, we spent most of the day outside, working in the yard. We have pretty much finished the fall clean up now.

The beds are cleaned out and the lawn edges are trimmed.  

I raked up the carpet of red leaves in the secret garden

and used them as mulch.
Tom got the ivy edging on the raised beds trimmed, and I finally finished the edging all the way around the lawn, a project I worked on off and on for weeks. I'm good at crawling when I work. 
On Saturday we made wreaths. I started by making a little swag for this trellis. I can see it when I work at the sink in the kitchen and I just thought it needed something. 
Tom collected greens from the yard last Wednesday while I was making pies. On Thanksgiving afternoon we make a wreath for Jake to take home. Now it was time to make one for Jill and one for us. 

I made bundles and Tom wired them to the frame. Then we decorated them with reused bows and ornaments. 

All finished.

On Sunday we delivered Jill's wreath to her.

Then we went for a walk in the fog at the Des Moines Marina and Des Moines Creek Trail. 
I guess this was the hot spot for fishing. Social distancing seemed to not be in practice. 

This afternoon we cleared the shelves. The pottery collection is stored away, and table tops and other spots are cleared and dusted and ready for decorating. The Christmas tubs are out of the attic and stacked in the garage. 

I have appointments Monday morning, but by Monday afternoon the first of the decorations should be appearing. We'll take our time. I'll start with the Santa collection, of course!  


  1. What a gorgeous yard...any season! Our autumn leaves are now falling and filling our yard with leaves but we don't do the cleanup, our retirement community does which is nice but we could use the exercise. Love your wreaths...

  2. You guys are so awesome! Those wreaths are so very festive and beautiful. Lucky Jill!!!

  3. Good work, you two. The wreaths are lovely.

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  5. Your efforts bring wonderful results. The yard is beautiful as are the wreaths!

    Take care and stay well.

  6. Such lovely wreaths! I love them all. And I look forward to the annual Santa decorations! :-)

  7. Loved the red leaf mulch. Really colorful--for now anyway. Hopefully, you can soon take a break from gardening and just enjoy your beautiful yard.
    Those wreaths are so special and lovely.

  8. Beautiful wreaths! Can't wait to see the santa collection again. Such fun at your place.

  9. I am kind of taking the virtual approach I seem so used to these days and enjoying other's decorative efforts. Not even sure my Santas will make an appearance this year, maybe just a few lights in the windows.

  10. Beautiful garden, lovely wreaths. You are better than Martha Stewart!

  11. Busy busy... a good thing. Your garden looks so neat. I wish I could be inspired to edge my beds. That looks so good to me. I rarely get to it.

  12. Nice wreaths. You are so creative with yours.


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