Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Mixed Feelings

 As Thanksgiving approaches, we turn to thoughts of gratitude. I am grateful for many things. I am also baffled, frustrated, even angered by other stuff. 

I am grateful that Tom walks with me and that we got our 1.25 mile walk in between rain storms this morning. 

I am grateful that I have time to read a newspaper and use technology to stay current and to connect with friends and family.

I am baffled and frustrated by election deniers. I do not understand those who can still believe Trump's self-serving claims of voter fraud, based on no evidence,  and I am frustrated at his inciting of marchers and protestors who refuse to accept our fair election simply because they chose to believe his lies rather than truthful reporting. He is causing great damage to our nation.

I am grateful for online shopping. Delivery dates are being monitored and packages are arriving on my front porch. One item wasn't right and I am grateful for the ease in being able to return it.  This shopping is making me a little bit excited for the holidays, where before I wasn't. Connecting with my "kids" over wish lists has also been fun. 

I am grateful that in this time of raging Covid, I was able to get a haircut safely yesterday.

I am baffled and angered at the Covid deniers who continue to spread the virus. I am frustrated by mask refusers. I do not understand how people dying in intensive care wards who are diagnosed with Covid still, with their dying breath, insist that Covid is a hoax. Why? Because Trump said so. Because of Trump too many people are dying. 

I am angered by the wedding party of 300 in our state, when the limit was 30, who are now up to 40 cases of Covid and spreading it. For this case and other careless, selfish superspreading events, we are now again in a modified lockdown. Many more small businesses will go under. The emotional and financial toll will be great. 

I am grateful that I have the resources to stay safe and well fed at home. When I cook our little Thanksgiving dinner for two, hopefully three, next week, I will be counting my blessings.

I am grateful that I can contribute to food banks and homeless services to in some small way help those who are struggling. I am thankful that there are so many of us who are still remembering that kindness trumps hate and empathy can overcome anger and frustration. I am working on it. I am a work in progress. 


  1. As baffled, frustrated & angry as you feel over these things, I too am grateful to read this post and know I am not alone having these same questions. Instead of focusing on the...70 million who voted for 4 more years of so much awfulness, I think I'll concentrate more on the 75 million who didn't. Anyway, a great post Linda.

  2. I try to have kind thoughts towards people who voted for Trump, but it is difficult. I can't understand people like that. You only got ONE wrong item? Just wait. By myself this Thanksgiving, but closely linked to my family by all this new fangled technology when I can get it to work, I decided to try some new, non-trad stuff. My favorite so far is the Great Pumpkin Dessert.

  3. That is such a good picture of you. Your new haircut looks nice too.

  4. We are all a work in progress as you describe yourself in the last paragraph. Yes, there's much to be thankful for...more than we think. However, there are some very scary things out there. It's very hard to deal with the irrational. It doesn't make sense to us.

  5. It's definitely a trouble time for out nation as we try to transition from hate and falsehoods to truth and kindness. It's a challenge for all of us daily!

  6. I love your haircut, Linda. That looks great!
    We haven't tried having groceries delivered yet, but Hawaii is doing pretty well now. Also, everywhere we go, people are wearing their masks and trying to social distance. I don't know what it's like outside our town, but it seems people are considerate.
    I do love this post, Linda. It's just what I feel. Totally.

  7. This is an inspired post. I think you reflected the thoughts of many of us. And I am so happy you were able to get such a nice haircut! Frustration and gratitude. I also was able to get my exercise in between the rainstorms, mostly. :-)

  8. It would be good if we were all work in progress because it would be good to see forward movement. I think of myself as a work in progress for sure, but you have much better hair right now!

  9. Love and envy your hair cut. Looking good. I too am baffled by much of what you are. I suspect Trump is doing his best to make Biden's presidency as difficult as possible with all the delays--causing more deaths doesn't bother him. His former wife mentioned that he is not a good loser.

  10. Wonderful list! I am thankful for all these. Your comment reminded me that I am a member of the Smithsonian and that is why they mail me stuff. When I cut and pasted I did not make sure those links were good. But you can certainly find them on the Smithsonian site.

  11. You are not alone in these feelings. This is such a terrible time in our history almost any way you look at it. We just have to make our own peace which is made more difficult with all that is happening around us.


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