Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Almost Gone

 The reality of November bites when we switched back to standard time. I like the daylight in the mornings but the early evening darkness is still a bit shocking. Along with stormy weather, it makes settling in for a long evening a thing I am compelled to do. 

Today we are having a respite from wind and rain, but it will return tomorrow. I have been able to walk the last three mornings and we did more yard clean up. It does seem pointless to pick up branches and rake leaves and tree debris when it will all get undone, but the exercise and fresh air feel good and the results look tidy even for a short time. We keep the yard waste bins full.

All of the pretty leaves are almost gone. This is the Fern Leaf Full Moon Maple in the front yard, now almost bare. The Chickadees and Juncos are finding it easier to flit about as they visit the feeder.
Only a few red leaves are left in the back yard. Tom has mowed twice, using the chopped up leaves as mulch in the nearby garden bed. 
My thoughts are now turning to the holidays. The Thanksgiving turkey is in the freezer. The menu is forming in my head. There will just be four of us.

I will have to drum up some enthusiasm for Christmas, but I still have plenty of time. November is not even half way done. 

We saw leaves go to glory,
Then almost migratory
Go part way down the lane,
And then to end the story
Get beaten down and pasted
In one wild day of rain.
From "November" by Robert Frost


  1. Fall has settled in for you. I dislike the darkness at night also. The evenings are long and we are going to bed earlier. My Mom had Thanksgiving earlier and we will go for something at our daughters the Saturday after Thanksgiving. WE will grab something from one of the drive through Turkey Dinner fund raisers or just have pizza. We will see! I don't shop much for Christmas...just a few gifts and stocking stuffers so I still have time...the grands like cash:)

  2. If you're going to get things done you have to make plans. Thanksgiving and Christmas are a lot of work.

  3. I'm an early riser so it is still dark for me and the early night time makes me realize just how short our days have become. No wonder time is flying. Loved the red leaves at the base of the ferns. Very Christmasy.

  4. Your leaves are almost all down, and still the landscape is beautiful. Lest we forget, may we all remember our veterans and give thanks for their service.

  5. I also find the long dark evenings, well, long. But talking to my sister today and she pointed out that in just 6 weeks we can begin to look forward to slight lengthening of our daylight again.

  6. I am in Florida now -- blissfully unaware of the looming holiday season. I made the trip to attend a wedding but also to go back to the retina specialist who did my surgery and to concentrate on getting my vision back in my left eye. I feel so much better in her care!! Hopeful.

  7. I like your beautiful foliage. Yes, it is November!

  8. My daughter just sent me a video of snow in the Chicago area. Sheesh! It’s rather early for snow.
    I wrote a post a couple of days for next week about my irritation with Daylight Savings.
    Your house and garden looks gorgeous in every season.


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