Wednesday, November 3, 2021

This Week, So Far

 It's Wednesday afternoon, and I have already forgotten what I did on Monday and Tuesday. :-/

Well, Monday is housecleaning day, and I did a bit of that. I also spent a long time managing photos for my blog post about the cider bee. Blogger does make it trickier to post photos now. It's also laundry day but I had to wait for the new washer to be delivered. It arrived and was installed by 11:30. Out with the old, in with the new, and we put it right to work. 

It works great, but it is nosier than the old one, so I am closing the laundry room door when it is running. 
It rained Monday but it stopped in time to go to the last Sounders home match at the stadium.
The result was a disappointing tie, so now we have one more match before our place in the playoff is determined. 

Tuesday I don't remember doing much. I know I was tired. It was election day but we had already voted by mail weeks ago.

I did get outside to take a few more photos of the yard.

The Japanese Maple in the back yard is now it the height of its redness. Soon the leaves will fall and all that glorious color will be gone. 

The other maple is ahead in its leaf shedding and the dogwood is still holding on. The leaves make a pretty runner on the path to the secret garden. 

In the front yard, the Fern Leaf Full Moon Maple making its last Hurrah! in its orange stage as the inner layer of leaves begin to fall. I am always sad to see the leaves fall, but at least now I can see the Chickadees as they wait their turn to come to the bird feeder. 

 Looking at my photos I now remember Tuesday. We slept in. I got my hour and a quarter of physical therapy done. It wasn't raining yet so we got outside to take down the golden hop vine on the gate and the tomato plants by the greenhouse. 

Almost all of the tender plants are now tucked away under cover or in the greenhouse. That pink glow is Tom's cutting table, where the latest cuttings are taking root. On the right bench, the geranium cuttings are looking good. 

This little bonsai is only a couple of yeas old. Tom thinks he want to try reshaping the trunk. It will get put away after the leaves fall. 

And then in the afternoon I used some overripe bananas and a half of a pear to make muffins. I added some walnuts on the top. Most went into the freezer but we did sample one. They are delish!

Today, Wednesday, we slept in even longer. Then Tom went to an appointment and I went outside to clean up another bed. Tom helped me finish up when he got home. 

After more than two hours of crawling and bending and twisting, I was tired and I'm more than happy to be sitting here at the computer this afternoon. The rain has still held off, but that's enough work for today. 

There are still pretty leaves outside my window. My recliner is calling me and it's time to sit and read for a while, that is, if I can keep from falling asleep.

Once I am resigned to having summer over, I really do like Fall. 


  1. You still have beautiful trees! We have had snow squalls for the past few days and it is damp chill ya to the bone cold:) Hope you like the new washer!

  2. You have many colorful plants inside now. . I often ask myself what I did yesterday. I have to think for a minute to remember.

  3. That Japanese Maple is so beautiful.
    I made muffins that look just like the ones you made. Mine had pumpkin in them though.
    I am amazed that you could crawl around and bend and twist and live to tell the tale. I would be unable to move the next day.

  4. Every time I see a Japanese Maple in its glory, I wonder why I haven't planted some? Just beautiful. The greenhouse is really full. At least with Fall the work load slows down.

  5. I'm reading a book right now that I think you might enjoy - Pastoral Song: a Farmer's Journey - by James Rebanks. It is his experience growing up on a farm in England. I think it is a good winter read.

  6. love the red red leaves, my recliner calls to me almost all day long so I try to avoid it as reading leads to sleeping, etc. lol

  7. That is a lot of work you do in the yard, but it is all worth it! I took a break from weeding and planting new grass. We are getting some evening rain and I even don't go out to water the yard these past few days. I just need to water my potted and sheltered plants.

  8. Those gorgeous maple trees are stunning! And I too am wondering where the days are going. Flying by! :-)

  9. Curious what brand washer and dryer you chose. Our washer is letting me know it's time is near.

    1. The washer is our new purchase. It's a GE. Our dryer is about 5 years old and it's a Kenmore.

  10. I just love those red leaves! So pretty! Enjoy your washing machine. I am glad it fit in the space in your laundry room.

  11. I do love the color of the Japanese maple. They are such pretty trees.
    Congratulations on your new washer. I'm dreading having to get a new one too one of these days.

  12. You both do such a professional job of gardening. That greenhouse makes me envious. Maples never last long enough.


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