Monday, November 15, 2021

Keeping Occupied.

 The wind and the rain came back in full force last night. Now there will be a whole lot of cleaning up to do again. This morning we cleaned house and did the laundry, my Monday morning exercise. I had a quick dental appointment to get my permanent crown glued in place. 

Then this afternoon we made a trip to a couple of stores near by for a bit of in person Christmas shopping. The wish lists have arrived via email, and it's time to start on line shopping and even in person shopping if things have to be ordered or even if you really want a specific thing. Supply and shipping problems continue.

When we drove back up our driveway the rain had stopped and the stuffed yard waste bins had just been emptied this morning, so Tom did some picking up of all of the new boughs down from the latest wind storm. One of the bins is filling up already.

We'll reserve some for Christmas decorations.
This mess will wait. 

Hummingbirds, who are year around visitors, appreciate that we haven't had a frost yet to spoil the hardy fuchsia flowers, and the Fatsia is just now blooming. 

There' a lot of time when we aren't working, like when we were watching the US Men's National Team play Mexico in the qualifying round of the World cup on Friday. USA victory!

Or when I spent too much time Sunday afternoon watching the Seahawks lose. Seattle is not handling having a losing football team very well. 

That's when I started Christmas shopping on line. I did spend much of the morning doing PT and riding my stationary bike. Being a slug doesn't suit me. 

Now it's dark already and I have to get down to the kitchen and figure out what we're having for dinner. 
See you later. 


  1. It's disheartening when you clean things up and then the wind brings down more.

  2. My poor son-in-law that lives next door is from Seattle and he was very grumpy after the loss on Sunday. So different from last year when he was so happy with victories.

  3. Been hearing about your robust weather. Sure makes a mess. Watched part of the Seahawk-Packer game and was sorry Rogers got the win.

  4. I spent the entire day inside on Sunday, so I was glad to make it to the Y for a workout yesterday. I really need my exercise to feel good.

  5. figuring out what to have for dinner each day is certainly a challenge-we had french toast last night on sour dough bread-yummy!

  6. Seattle is one of my favorite NFL teams - primarily because Jon Ryan played on the team for some time. He grew up here and is a friend of my daughter. They certainly haven't played up to their usual best.

    I hope you don't get the deluge that the southern portions of British Columbia are receiving. At least one town has been evacuated due to flooding and major highways and rail lines have been disrupted by landslides. We haven't had the same supply chain issues as the USA, but it will be now.

  7. I have heard about all your Pineapple Express rain on the news, sound like you have enough rain for a bit! Lots of flooding for so many people it is sad. The weather is just crazy:(

  8. We had a storm last month and we had branches everywhere to collect, but yours are ready for Xmas decoration !
    Yesterday due to my poor connection I could not leave a comment. I hope this time it will work.

  9. Since living in Chicago for 35 years, we've gotten used to losing teams. After all, our Cubs mantra is "There's always next year."


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