Friday, November 12, 2021

Driven Indoors

 When an atmospheric river flows overhead and drenches everything below, indoor activities are required.

It's Friday. The latest overhead river has been with us for two days now. Our real rivers are overflowing again, but we are fortunate to not live near one. 

Yesterday I occupied myself with my 1.25 hour physical therapy routine, that I do three times a week. Then I rode my stationary bike out in the garage for 45 minutes. That earned me my usual hour long lunch break and newspaper reading time. In the afternoon I worked on my latest sewing project. 

My sewing machine is set up in our home office. I have a little ironing board right next to the machine for pressing seams as I sew. My cutting board is on the bed in the bedroom next door. 
I am happy to still have a bit of brightness out of my upstairs window. 
I am still playing around with quilt squares, challenging myself to try something more complicated. I found some patterns online with tutorials that are teaching me some tricks. Of course I am still not all that skilled at precision cutting and seam sewing, but I do love selecting colors and seeing the patterns come together. 
I finished this one today. The one below was just supposed to be for practice since it's the same pattern, but I'll keep it. Tomorrow I'll look for a new a new pattern. I like the star shapes.

Right now I need to go do some time on the stationary bike. So far I'll I've done today is go out to breakfast, do the grocery shopping, have my lunch hour, and do a bit of sewing. 

I need to do some moving. 

Meanwhile the atmospheric river flows on.


  1. Those new table mats turned out very well. You have a nice little sewing set-up in your office. Very handy, I'm sure.

  2. You shopped, sewed, rode your bike and had lunch. Sounds perfect to me. I am really envious of your work area. It’s such a gorgeous workspace. I see a lot of beautiful bonsai designs there too.

  3. I hope some of your moisture crosses the Rockies and swings around to catch us with some moisture. we are very dry.

  4. Love your quilt squares! You have a wonderful sense of color.

  5. Pretty squares! Nice to have some indoor activities!

  6. :You really have a great plan B for rainy days. Glad you can still get in exercise and I really like that first quilt square.

  7. The quilt squares are lovely. I should follow your lead with the exercise - my goal is to walk for 30 minutes which is not enough.

    Stay dry!

  8. I love your pretty quilts. And you are a dedicated exerciser, just like me! :-)

  9. lovely quilting certainly have a healthy routine for rainy days...we are having sun and cooler days in the 70s with autumn leaves changing!

  10. The quilt squares are really pretty. You have a nice little spot to sew and I like that you can press seams without having to get up. When sewing, I use the iron almost as much as the sewing machine.


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