Saturday, November 27, 2021

More Wreaths

 The day after Thanksgiving was busy, but at a slower pace. Of course, since it was Friday, we spent the first hours of the morning at breakfast with our teacher friends. Then there was a quick shopping stop to get our supply of hazelnuts for Christmas baking and more bird seed for our feathered friends.

Back at home we then finished cleaning up and putting away the Thanksgiving dinner scene. The special dishes and glassware and silverware are all put away again. The dining table has been cleared and shrunk back to it's non-company size. The floor was swept and spot mopped. 

Good. Then we went outside. 

We took down the autumnal wreath, cleaned out the blue planters on the front porch, and transitioned into Christmas.

I stuffed greens from the yard into the planters. Tom hung the wreath I made as my prototype for our wreath making. 
I'm slightly annoyed that it isn't symmetrical, being a bit OCD as I am, but I decided to stop fussing with it. I love the mix of natural colors and textures. 
I see I forgot to remove the white pumpkin that I got from the neighbor.
Then we had lunch, a light lunch, except that I did have a small slice of pumpkin pie. :-)

After some rest time, I went out to the garage to make one more wreath, this one for Jill. Tom had consolidated all of the wreath material and I had the place to myself. I enjoyed the calm and quiet.

I am much happier with this one.  I was tempted to keep it, but no, the idea is to give to others. Besides, having something less than perfect might be good for me, a little desensitizing. Or maybe not. :-/

After I finished, Tom moved all of the left over greens outside where they will stay fresh. I'll use a few more in arrangements in the house. Then he took the leaf blower to the garage and cleaned it all up.  We have to make room for the Christmas tubs. 

Tom got the house lights up before Thanksgiving, when it wasn't raining,  but we didn't turn them on until darkness fell on Thanksgiving day. Now they will go on about 4:00 through the Christmas season. We'll put a few more lights up outside eventually.

Later, there was college football and a yummy dinner of left overs. I got to finish off that wonderful huckleberry pie!

Today, once I get going, I will take down and put away all of the autumnal decorations and clear the shelves. The Santa collection will be coming out of the attic soon. 


  1. I am so far behind you folks...but just realized most of the world is behind your energy and industry.

  2. I like both wreaths - a little asymmetry makes it more interesting. Enjoy the Christmas preparations!

  3. I like both your wreaths a lot. Good thing Tom got the outside lights up when he did because the chances of nice weather in the foreseeable future don't seem likely. Your home is looking very festive.

  4. You make the most amazing wreaths, Linda. I never noticed that it was asymmetrical at all. You are definitely ready for the holidays. The house looks very festive.

  5. Well done. You had lots of good stuff to eat and lots to do to run it off.

  6. I love both of your wreaths you show here. They look just right to my eyes. And it's lovely that you got a respite from the rain. We did, too, but it's back with a vengeance today, tonight, and tomorrow.

  7. Loved both wreaths also. I'm sure Jill will be happy with hers. It was so nice of you to make her one. I love the outside lights. You home looks so festive all ready.

  8. Your place is just bursting with Christmas spirit! I didn't notice anything about your wreath, until you said something. Then I had to look hard, "what is she talking about?" It's round. It might have a sprig or two poking a littler further out, but those are branches reaching to hug us with Christmas cheer and aroma! Linda in Kansas


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