Sunday, June 23, 2024

Country Roads, Take Me Home

 The Willamette Valley was my home until I went away to college in Seattle. We lived on a small farm between the towns of Canby and Molalla. Molalla was where we went to school. It was our home town. 

On Wednesday afternoon we drove across the valley from Woodburn to Molalla to find a small nursery and display garden we read about in our Open Garden Book.

Driving around in the valley I loved seeing the crops that are still flourishing  in this fertile valley. Some are more recent types of crops and some are the same as they were 60 years ago.

Everybody loves  Marion berries.
Mt Hood is "the Mountain" in this valley.

The nursery just on the edge of Molalla was small but with nice plants. The display garden was lovely.

What to do with old plates. 

Spice bush, with wonderful blooms. 

What I loved most was being able to be up close and personal with these magnificant oak trees. These Oregon oaks dot the valley with single sentinals in the fields and in wonderful groves like this.

When we left this garden we were just a short drive away from The Pioneer Cemetery, where my parents rest. We paid them a visit. 

Then we began the long drive back to Seattle.

It was a great little trip. 


  1. Attractive new header. You had a great drive by stopping in at some gardens.

  2. How wonderful to celebrate your relative's 80th birthday and also have such a pleasant drive back to Seattle. Glad you visited your parents' cemetery, too. Blessings!

  3. Lovely gardens, I especially liked the dappling of the shade and sun.
    I'm sure visiting your parents' gravesite brought back many memories.

  4. Nice road trip! You always find great places for us.

  5. What a nice trip, I am sure it brought back lots of memories for you.

  6. Lots to see and admire in those gardens.


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