Wednesday, June 12, 2024


 Now that we are back home from the island, we are back in our garden, checking out what's new and what needs to be done.

The first roses are blooming. 

Gertrude Jekyll is just about to put on her June show. 

The first big orange Oriental poppy. We almost lost these, but a survivor is now gaining strength. 

Delphnium and columbine.

Our only peony, but she's a beauty. 

While I was working by the roses, the first Western Swallowtail Butterfly flitted by. This is an online photos. Flitting butterflies are hard to capture. 

And the first bee sting. Actually not a bee, but a big black hornet like this. I was pulling binder weed out of the salal hedge when I felt a sudden intense firey pain. I glancingly saw the hornet and maybe a second one. I didn't stick around for more. 

I have always reacted very strongly to any kind of sting or bug bite, so I expected my hand to swell way up, but right away I took a antihistamine and iced my hand and a day later it's not bad at all. 

I'm hoping this sting is not only the first, but the last of the season.

I will be happy to welcome more butterfiles and roses.


  1. OUch! I am glad you are not having a reaction to the sting, And thanks for all the pretty flowers. Love the lone peony.

  2. That is a wicked looking insect. I wonder if they have a nest in the area? Maybe et somebody to be a guinea pig to scout the area.

  3. Oh, your post started off so lovely, and then with a sting! The highs and lows of gardening. Glad you are well.

  4. Yikes, hornets are nasty buggers. I, too, hope it is the last sting you receive.
    The flowers are absolutely lovely. I'm hoping to see my peonies blooming in the next week or so.

  5. Good thing you reacted quickly after getting stung by that hornet.
    I hope your Oriental Poppy thrives and spreads. I've always found them almost unkillable.

  6. OUCH! My mom is allergic to bee stings also and we have to be very careful if there are bees around. Your flowers are gorgeous, Linda. I do love roses. I wish I could still smell them.

    We are really stressed out and exhausted right now with our bathroom renovations.

  7. oh no on the sting, I think wasps have such a painful sting. I have my crochet wasp nests out and so they stay away from here. Your roses are lovely!


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