Friday, June 21, 2024

Willamette Valley Nurseries and Gardens

On Tuesday of this week we traveled to Oregon to help Tom's sister-in-law Vicki celebrate her 80th birthday at a hotel in McMinnville, Oregon.  There were about 15 of us mostly nearly or well established octogenarians present for a lovely catered lunch and lots of visiting. 

After the party we drove to Woodburn to our hotel, one we have used often, especially when my mother was still alive and living in Molalla. After a rest and dinner we found a local shady park to walk in.

Wednesday Tom and I spent the day enjoying a day in the Willamette Valley.There were several nurseries and gardens on our list, of course.

French Prairie Gardens is a small rural nursery out in the valley. They have exceptional annuals and hanging baskets. 

Al's Garden Center in Woodburn is always a must stop. It's big, bright, and beautiful.

Then we drove out of town to Seabright Gardens, a beautiful big display garden and Hosta nursery.

Then we discovered a nursery new to us. It was overflowing with color, containers and hanging baskets,  and with annuals I have never seen or heard of.

Now I was tired and hungry. We drove back to Woodburn for a Subway lunch, and then a coffee dessert at Safeway, not exotic, but easy and predictable. That sustained us for our afternoon wanderings.

Usually a hot latte consumer myself, Tom might just get me hooked on his style mocha frappe with caramel drip and whipped cream. Yum!


  1. You got your money's worth in this trip. I've never seen so many different Hostas.

  2. So many garden centres and so much temptation. I can hardly believe those Hostas!!
    Tom's drink sure does sounds yummy.

  3. Wonderful pictures, LInda. Thanks for taking them all!

  4. Those garden centers are incredible. Everything is so lush!
    The birthday party luncheon looks like it was a lot of fun. Love the hats.


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