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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It Must Be Summer!

I've got that lazy feeling.  That stroll on the beach feeling.  That endless blue sky feeling.  

We've had a productive day at the cabin, with time left over to sit and read and walk on the beach and soak up some sun.

Tom got the picnic tables assembled and in place.
He finished the shingles on the shed.

His cousin Dean arrived this afternoon and they replaced a rotting board on an old table.
I worked in the garden again.

This is my work out space for my exercise routine in the  mornings.
Yesterday evening I took a walk in the dike. 
 The Ocean Spray is blooming.

 So are the blackberries.
 The madrone trees are a'pealing. 

 Our neighbor's garden is beautiful.
 Clouds just don't seem to want to stick around and strolling on the beach is therefore compulsory. 

 Sitting here to read is also required.
And when the tide fills the lagoon, and the wind is almost non-existent, Wow!
We dream all winter about days like this.


  1. You are just trying to make us all jealous! AND it's working. But, really, you deserve to enjoy that space!

  2. Yes, pretty darn perfect today, isn't it? Love your pictures. And I'm sitting here nursing my arm with stitches in it where the mole was removed. Bummer! :-)

  3. Forget dreaming about winter. Just stay at the cottage!

  4. Forget dreaming about winter. Just stay at the cottage!

  5. What an idyllic setting. Time for a bit of work, exercise and enjoying the view. What is not to love?

  6. Oh, I just know that feeling you are talking about. The pictures are beautiful. The beach there is so different from the North and South Carolina beaches that we visit. I also just finished looking at your garden tours. No wonder you all know so much about plants...and have so much beauty around your home.

  7. Ah summer, the time of year we live for! You continue to amaze me that you tend two gardens and do so many other things! Hope you enjoyed your rare moments of sitting still and reading.

  8. You are so lucky to have such a gorgeous cottage and area to cherish and enjoy.


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