Greetings from Seattle

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Another Seattle Walk

Monday started out foggy, but the fog burned off reveal a wonderful crystal clear day. 

Tom had to take our big reel type lawn mower in for service, and the only shop he could find that would take that type of mower was across the street from Green Lake in North Seattle.  So of course that called for another destination walk!

Here we go, over the viaduct and through the city.

 We dropped off the lawn mower, and then drove to the lake, where we began our walk on the pathway around Green Lake. 

 The low winter sun and lumpy clouds over part of the sky made for fun photo effects. 

 A magnificent oak tree grabbed my attention. ↓

 It was so calm, it was a great day for reflection - yes, both kinds. 

 A gaggle of American Wigeons was feeding on the lawn, joined by one old Coot. 

 There were quite a few people out enjoying the walk in the sun, especially for a Monday morning.  But then this treasure of a place in the heart of the city is always busy with people. 

 Willows in winter glow in the sun.
 And look!  Even some lawn daises popped out for the day.  


  1. Oh, you got some really lovely photos of the lake! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. I love the Pacific Northwest. Thanks for sharing the beauty of it all.

  3. Wow! It definitely is a beautiful day out there. Yesterday was really nice, too, once the fog lifted. I'm convinced that I need to get myself a new camera before my trip next month. Are these taken with your PowerShot? Kay over at Musings got a new Canon but it's bigger and heavier than yours. Decisions, decisions! Love all your pictures. :-)

  4. I have never been to Washington state, but it is definitely going on my wish list. Your State's Department of Tourism should hire you to do brochures.

  5. A beautiful day for a walk and some great photos of the lake.

  6. Thank you for taking us along on the walk. That water is so beautiful with all the reflections and the stillness. Great photos.

  7. What an lovely and interesting place to walk. And so wonderfully level. Miss that here.

  8. Beautiful photos. I'd like to see some of that sun here.

  9. What a beautiful walk. I want to see the sky that blue again.


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