Sunday, July 16, 2023

Getting Older

New flowers for the kitchen table. 

 Saturday we had a family gathering to celebrate Tom's brother David's 80 birthday. He and his family live in California but most of his extended family live here in Puget Sound country and so it was fitting that we gathered at our Whidbey Island retreat. 

This is Dave, the birthday boy, and his bride Vicki, the party planner, enjoying the beach.

We all enjoyed the party and the visiting and the catching up and the laughing and, of course, the eating. 

Dave's actual birthday is Monday, July 17th, and so is mine. I thanked him for having a party this year so that I could skip it next year when I turn 80. 
I think for this birthday we'll go to Red Robin and collect my free burger and maybe we'll make a stop at Starbucks for a free birthday coffee, a fancy one. 

Yes, as our blog friend DJan likes to say, tomorrow marks another trip around the sun for me. I would love to leave a little baggage behind on the next one. 

This morning we got up, slowly of course, and got out to our berry patch to pick the raspberries and blackberries before it got hot.

We have a smaller patch now, not so hard to keep up with. This picking gave us enough for two quarts of raspberries for the freezer and one plus the blackberries to eat fresh. My lunchtime yogurt and my evening ice cream will get berry toppings. 

After that I spent 45 minutes doing my morning session of physical therapy. I spend a lot of time each day trying to combat getting older. Sigh. Facebook reminded me on the 14th that it was just 3 years ago that I had my second spine surgery. Since then  I have also had two hip replacements and an aortic valve job. A lot for three years!

But as several of us now old folks said yesterday at the birthday party, we are still here, showing up, and having fun. 

And speaking of having fun, I got a brief text from both Jill and Irene overnight, where they report that they are doing great and have reached Arrow Glacier at 16,000 ft. Tomorrow they climb nearly to the summit, camping at 18,700 ft, before summiting on Tuesday July 18th at 19,340 ft, the top of Africa, and then descending quickly to their last mountain camp at 10,500 feet. After that they will go on safari.

Meanwhile son Jake has set out this morning on a camping road trip into northeastern Washington, a fun place for a geology buff like he is. 

We will be at home, where we are mostly quite content. 


  1. Happy Birthday to you however yu choose to celebrate!

  2. Best wishes for your birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday!
    The party and family gathering sounds like a lot of fun. I'm sure the years slip away in the memories shared.
    Congrats to Jill and Irene! What an adventure.

  4. Now that's a pretty huge gathering, in my book at least. Congrats on his birthday, and a fervent wish for you to have a great birthday yourself. You have been through plenty in these past years, but you are also nothing if not determined to get back to whatever level of exercise you can gain through sheer grit. I wish you the very best in the coming year ahead, dear friend! :-)

  5. Keep busy is the key. You've forced yourself through a lot to keep going. As I've said before I believe physio therapy is key to wellness

  6. Happy Birthday to Tom's brother and also to you!!! I hope you have a lovely day.

  7. I am so impressed with your family. Way to go!!!

  8. Happy Birthday to you! Two spine surgeries, I had one but I hope never have a second one too painful! You’re courageous.
    Your raspberries looks delicious and your flowers colours beautiful.
    Nice Jill and Irene are safely climbing.
    Once more A Very Happy Birthday from France 🇫🇷 😆

  9. What a wonderful gathering! I could sit and look at your sunset header forever. Sigh. Linda in Kansas

  10. So much fun to enjoy the adventures of those we love. We were there and now it is there time. You relative does not look 80!!!

  11. Mostly, we're at home also, enjoying the exploits of others.

  12. Happy birthday! I really do like to ignore mine.

  13. Happy Birthday, Linda! Art and I celebrate our birthdays (quietly) in July too, but two weeks apart. We like to go and get our free Starbucks drink.

  14. Hope you had a great birthday! Such pretty flowers on your table. I bet Jill and Irene are having a blast!


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