Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Day

We had another good day with our grand kids, playing with our kids old toys, which have lived in the attic for many years, baking cookies, having a tea party on the patio, playing in the yard, and going out to dinner. They live in a small town in rural Eastern Colorado, so Jill, our daughter, will take any opportunity she can get to enjoy our many restaurants available within two miles of our house. I think today had something for everyone here at the homestead. Even Daddy, back in Fort Morgan, CO gets to participate through up to the minute reports via phone. During the tea party Isaac informed him that he was eating a chocolate for him. They'll be home soon, Corey. Thanks for sharing them.


  1. how fun to have the grandkids for those special visits. interesting how toys get recycled. i had a huge box of legos which i took to my grandkids house and they loved it especially the little boys. any photos of the younguns?

  2. I saved the sardine chocolates so Issac could share them with me. I think he will like the packaging. Glad you enjoyed the little ones. It will probably be refreshingly quiet around there Saturday.


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