Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Somebody Didn't Eat the Raspberries

Every year about this time I defrost our old freezer, which lives in the garage, in preparation for the abundance of "crops" our garden will produce in the summer. It's a job I hate. When I was still teaching, I knew it was the first job I would need to do once I recovered from the school year. In actual fact, it's not really that bad - I just have to decide to do it. Today I did. Now about that garden abundance. Without kids at home, our production of vegetable crops has diminished dramatically. Flowers frequently take priority of place. But we still have the raspberry patch. We eat as many fresh as we can, sharing some with others, but we still have plenty for the freezer. Usually they are pretty well used up by the next spring, but, alas !, as I emptied the freezer to clean it, I discovered half of last year's crop still there! Somebody didn't eat the raspberries. Jake, you haven't been doing your share. Don't you need to make some more raspberry beer? Of course I should have made cobbler when the grandkids were here, but I was so busy that I forgot. Fortunately this year's crop will be delayed due to a cold spring, so I have a bit of time to remedy the situation. Otherwise I may have to break down and make jam and syrup this year. That sounds like more work!


  1. throw them in a blender for a wonderful smoothies. that's the easiest way out or try jello salads with them and some other fruit. i love raspberries but have never been able to grow them successfully after several tries.

  2. You see... that's what I mean. I had raspberry bushes in Illinois. I almost wrote "have." I never got that many raspberries. Just enough for our ice cream or cereal. Everything must grow well in Seattle.


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