Friday, June 13, 2008

Teacher Talk

This morning, like every Friday morning, we gathered for breakfast with retired teacher friends, some of whom you see in the photo above, taken in our garden. Our table is ready and waiting in a small restaurant in Des Moines, south of the airport.
What do teachers talk about when they get together? Kids, of course. Former students, parents of former students, children of former students. Some stories are sad, some are joyous, and many are just funny.
We also cover matters of health, but not too much, our travels and comings and goings, and a touch of politics, but not everyone participates in these conversations. What do we all have in common? Kids!


  1. Linda, I feel like I was at that get together with you. I have a bunch of teacher friends that get together once a month also and are like family! It must be a teacher thing. :-)

  2. what a fun place for lunch and good friends to get together....blogging does that for me.

  3. Hi Linda. Just checked out your blog for the first time today. Love the photograph in your gorgeous garden. Are those really retired teachers? They look so young. Am sure they are marvelous friends. Retired teacher gatherings do make for interesting conversation. Jan

  4. Thanks, Jan. Self-flattery is an art form. But we do look pretty good, don't we?


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