Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not Sleepy in Seattle

Jill has taken the kids to a local playground. It seems they are still not tired after a big day in Seattle. Today was city day. We went first to the Pike Street Public Market, where among the fruit, vegetables, flowers and crafts we found great tie dye for the kids. We had no problem finding them in the crowd after they donned their rainbow colors. Of course we watched the famous flying fish, where the fish mongers throw fish as they are purchased. We visited a the market pig, a giant piggy bank that is well loved.
We stopped for lattes at the original Starbucks, pretty much a hole in the wall compared to the new mall versions. As we sat in the totem pole park drinking our coffee, we watched ferry boats and helicopters and float planes. We descended the Hill Climb steps to the waterfront for closer views of the boat action, fun shopping, a carousel ride, and fish and chips for lunch at Ivar's, where we sat on the pier and fed seagulls our extra french fries.
Back up at the market, we had ice cream and watched a crane lifting heavy containers of materials to build another glass sky scraper. When we got home about 2:30, naps were rejected in favor of other activities. Isaac and his mom watched the recorded first installment of "When We Left the Earth", a Discovery Channel history of the American Space Program. They are very interested in the space program and watch every shuttle take off and landing. Irene was ready for action in the playhouse.
Oh, they have returned. Three year old Irene has just called out "Oh, Grandmother!" She is a kick in the pants, that's for sure. Time for some market strawberries and ice cream.


  1. Considering the fact that it could be more accurate in giving informations.

  2. wow i felt like i was right there, we have a son who lives in seattle but he's now in india for his work. i love pike's market and the flying fish. that is so fun. we don't get up your way often enough.

  3. So, do you think we will have an astronaut in the family?

  4. I forgot to leave my name. Grandma Moser

  5. It sounds like you've had a grand time in Seattle. My daughter has been there and keeps telling me we must go. After reading about your trip, I guess I'd better. You are a wonderful grandmother.


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