Sunday, June 22, 2008

Editing Myself

Well, that title conjures up a number of things that could stand fixing, but I was referring to my blog page. Now that I have been cyber communicating for about two months, I am more aware of patterns and practices. For example, most bloggers who use a photo as part of their profile use one of just themselves, not family. Since I don't really take pictures of myself, that was a problem. I tried cropping some but my software made that very difficult to do. I considered using a flower photo, as that would be much nicer to look at, but finally asked my husband to take a picture of me (well, several pics so I could select the least awful). So I have been edited. Then I noticed that most bloggers use a nick name or first name only when leaving comments, so I thought about dropping my last name. But there is a special reason for not doing that. In my last years of teaching, there were four Lindas in my building, so I was usually referred to by my full name. I often overheard conversations that went "Linda Reeder said..." or "Let's ask Linda Reeder". By then I was in a position of leadership as a reading specialist and literacy coach, but I had for a long time been someone who usually had an informed opinion on most things, and surprisingly to me, it was most often valued. That was why I often reminded myself that pride goeth before the fall, and if I got too full of myself, I could expect a humbling experience. Anyway, after I retired, I had some contact with those I had left behind, and through them I discovered that they had a new expression. Now perhaps you have heard of WWJD, but theirs was WWLRD - What would Linda Reeder do? It was nice to know that after all those years of pouring my efforts into doing the very best job I could, I had left a legacy, however brief it might be. So for now I will remain linda reeder. I have not begun to learn all the tricks of this blogging business, but I'm having fun with it. I have a question. How do I participate in Friday Sky Watch?


  1. what an honor to be remembered, guess i never worked long enough at any one place to be remembered after i left. only in your own family are you not forgotten. i want to participate in skywatch too but i think you should check on someone's photo or google skywatch. i took a lovely photo of lake pend de oreille-can't spell it in idaho.

  2. WWLRD... I love that! That is a wonderful compliment. I know what you mean about updating the blogging page things. I'm still learning and there is too much to learn.

    About Sky Watch... It really is fun. I'm always watching the sky now. Come to my blog and find the address to go to on my Sky Watch posting. I have the link there. You post a photo on your blog and then go to Tom's blog and put in your blog name and address.


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