Thursday, June 12, 2008

Let the Sun Shine In

With our daughter and grandchildren off to Whidbey Island for some time with other family members, Tom and I got out in the garden today. We are having an Open Garden on Saturday for our gardening organization, so it's time to primp, groom and fluff. For the first time in many days, the sun shone! The combination of doing good, earthy work and being warmed by the sun has restored my spirits. Tomorrow the clouds are forecast to return, but today will hold me over for a bit longer now. It's now official: this is the coldest spring on record here in the northwest.


  1. I remember visiting in seattle area and on the news they said and they''ll be 15 minutes of sunshine today. that's when i knew i needed to not move from the desert. i love sunshine daily. occasional rain here is a real treat and wondrous occasion. sounds like a perfect day in the garden.

  2. I love cool springs. It keeps the spring flowers blooming longer.


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