Friday, October 17, 2008


They arrived in the mail Thursday, the day after the last debate. I can vote!
I will need to do some studying of the Voters Pamphlet on a few of the issues, like judges and county charter amendments.
But no more studying is required for this one! I've had more than enough input, thank you very much.
We signed up for absentee ballots quite some years ago. We like this option because we can sit down with the voters guide and study, take our time, and not have to wait in lines. Four years ago, when we tried to elect John Kerry, we happened to be in New Orleans on Election Day. This year we will just make it back from Colorado. So it is also convenient for those of us who don't stay home or stay put like we're expected to.
I don't remember ever feeling this excited about getting a ballot. I hope and believe we will be making history with this election, and it is a precious right we have to be able to participate in that decision.
I can vote, NOW!


  1. That sounds wonderful, Linda. We've got to check and see if all our papers are in order to vote in a new state. I sure hope they didn't mess up our paperwork. This is an IMPORTANT election! I was just watching the news about how other countries now regard America. It's so sad. I guess I've known it from traveling but the Bush years have really hurt our image in the world.

  2. what a great idea to have more time to analyze the selections and issues. yes, all elections are important. I will be voting at our nearby community center where i go for water aerobics-very convenient. fun to see your actual ballot and how it looks with the choices offered. it's great to be an american even if we're not perfect and try to save the whole world at our own expense.

  3. This election is indeed going to impact our country in a way no other has in decades. Change is definitely coming. We shall see how it all turns out. Frankly, my fingers are crossed no matter who's sworn into office.

    I spent the day yesterday (well 7 and a half hours of it) with three gentlemen who work in Washington. One is a congressman. (democrat) It was interesting to hear their view points. They think somewhat differently than what I've read and heard on the news. And they have an entirely different perspective than I had. It was a
    very interesting (somewhat disturbing) day!!

  4. This is such an important election for things to do with the country that are so dear to me. And I hope that we can regain our standing in the world community as we are so disliked in so many countries. What a mess the past 8 years have been...

  5. Yup. Bush and his cronies have really made a mess of things. They are not advising absentee ballots in Florida. No one trusts anyone down here. We start early voting on Tuesday, and we got our sample ballots in the mail yesterday. We'll be doing the same as you: sittig down and deciding who is best in each race, but that first one is a no-brainer.

  6. May your chosen candidates be successful Linda. - Dave

  7. I got mine too, I have been doing this for a long time too, it is a relaxed way, but going to polls and seeing others is nice too. Maybe change somebody's mind at the last minute?

    Well I don't even know where they vote here, I am just a home voter fuddy duddy.

    Obama is looking good, I think he'll win, I hope he will, and I'll send prayers for him and his family. I hope we have the best security ever for him.

    With Obama, America can save face, with impeachment, we can get our constitution reinstated, and show the world we weren't behind Bush.

    Everybody plan to impeach.. Please!
    See sidebar of my blog to impeach the Jefferson manual way. (do it yourself impeachment)

  8. BTW, your yard, garden is beautiful. Just what I'd like to do..

  9. Oregon is now mail ballots. I love this because I do not like to feel rushed in a booth and we have lots of measures to study. Happy voting!


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