Monday, October 6, 2008

Funk Busters

If you read my last posting, you know I was in a funk last Friday. I got lots of good advice on how to pick myself up, but as you know, when you get yourself into such a state, it is up to you to get yourself out of it. For me the answer is - get busy.
Saturday we had our first autumn storm, a tree blaster that left many without power in the Seattle area. It left us with a mess of tree debris all over the patio and lawn. After watching my poor Seahawks get stomped my Giants Sunday morning, I spent several hours outside in the fresh air, working to clean up. It felt great.
Today it's raining again. The days are gone when we can take it for granted that we can work outside, so it's time for inside activities. I finished that thick novel The Pillars of the Earth. It's a good read, although the rape and pillage and murder prevalent in it's portrayal of medieval life sometimes added to my funk. But all's well that ends well, and it did. Justice prevails, at least in fiction.
Today I also plugged in my sewing machine, set up the guest room as my cutting room, and started sewing again. We are going to spend Halloween with our grandchildren in Fort Morgan, CO this year, and our daughter informed us that we need costumes. I have never been one to dress up, but, hey, when it's my grandchildren, I can get with it. I found a great witch hat and I'm making a fancy cape to go with it. It felt good to break through the lethargy and get started. When that is done, I have other projects to work on that I put away unfinished last spring. Sewing is a seasonal activity for me, sort of alternating with gardening. Now that the seasons have truly changed, it's time to get into it again.
Tom, too, is getting activated with his indoor hobby, genealogy. He recently subscribed to and now has access at home to all kinds of public records. He has been pouring over census records, finding missing data for his already extensive family history files. We may have to program our computer use now to avoid domestic disturbance.
Tomorrow we're expecting another wind and rain storm, but we're set. Unless the power goes out :(


  1. hey, glad to hear you picked yourself up and got going. nothing like work or projects to lift your spirits. I'm a genealogist also, have been doing it for 48 years so far. Picked up the hobby in college and continued it to this day. It's fascinating, like putting a puzzle together which is also another fun activity for indoors. Have fun sewing halloween costumes. I'm working on my scrapbook and have it spread out all over the dining table.

  2. Linda, what we read can surely influence us. I remember in college one semester ( long ago, but) I was reading the tragedies ( Shakespeare) and taking an international relations class, reading living with nuclear weapons, (a harvard study),,
    Got so bad I couldn't finish one of the
    luckily there was an easy question on the first part of that one that I declined to read, and I managed to get my grade anyway.. ugh. I'm looking for a good light novel myself now, and sewing is a great idea.
    BTW, I make halloween costumes using a glue gun, craft paper, and crepe paper, I glue them right together on myself or someone else.

    Wow, a costume party sounds fun.. Wow, what a great idea, a costume party..hope you have fun with your kids..home looks inviting...!

  3. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog--it is really nice to get feedback. I've been in a funk too, though finally feeling better. I've been meditating and during my meditation I've been visualizing Obama (and his lovely family) taking the oath of office in January. It really gives me a kick. And some of my new age friends say that the power of prayer/visualization is nothing to scoff at. Have a great trip to Colorado and enjoy those little ones. Steffany

  4. I'm glad that you are feeling better Linda. Sewing for your grandchildren sounds like fun and I have two books to read that I have put off preferring to be outside..but it's time....sigh...

  5. Glad you're working your way through the doldrums, Linda. We've been having some of that wet and windy weather here too. It does not improved the mood. I hope you have fun sewing that costume!

  6. Linda, I know where molalia is . I work in Tualtin and live in Mcminnville.

  7. Yeah! She's up and running again. I had no doubt you'd bounce back quickly. You know the old adage about good women, keeping em down, and all that.

    My daughter and I just finished our witches costumes. Mine is an Autumn Witch costume. We elected not to do the scary witch bit... so, we have pretty costumes. It was a kick putting them together!

    Fireplaces, hot wassail, books to feed the imagination and intellect, fresh peach pies, rain on my tin roof, matching hats and scarves...
    ahhh, what's not to love about this time of year?

    If the power goes out, we'll make our hot drinks on the wood burning stove, bundle up in our matching hats and scarves and read by candlelight. It's all good!

    Isn't "sparkle plenty" annoying sometimes? I know, I know. I'll try to rein her in...

  8. Linda, I'd like to comment on the statement you made on 9-13-08 "Obama believes in government and all it can offer to is citizens". I'm pretty sure that being a Democrate you voted or supported John F. Kennedy 47 years ago. Do you remember the part of his inaugural address, "ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country"? Unfortunately too many people feel the government owes them. I think President Kennedy would roll over in his grave if he could see where the Democratic party has gone. Kris

  9. Wow, Kirs. You went back a ways! That statement about Obama believing in government is one of the fundamental differences between Republicac conservitives and Democratic liberals - the role of government. Conservatives want smaller government, "keep them out of my business", except when it comes to a person's personal choices. Then everything from sexual practices to how and when to pray should be the domain of government. Liberals say keep the government out of my personal live, but I want government to provide those services individuals can't provide, and we want government to regulate business practices to insure fairness and equity. I guess that regulation thing has been shown to be necessary after all, huh?
    To construe this to mean that we want government to do for us what we should do for ourselves is to be just wrong.

  10. I'm glad you've both got projects you're excited about, Linda. From reading your posts I can see what a vibrant, brilliant person you are. You and I are so politically in tune. Thank you for keeping me company on my trip to Japan. I love knowing you're there to share with.

  11. I am glad you are feeling a bit better. This world and the things happening in it can certainly weigh a person down at times. I also react the same way when I begin to feel this way. I get busy. I love to sew. You will have to show us your projects as you complete them.


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