Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Season

Even though we won't be home for the actual big day, we have to get into the spirit. I love the decorations for this season: the pumpkins, the corn stalks, the fall foliage, the witches and ghosts and goblins and black cats! Boo!
The porch now had some fall color.
The mantle is decorated with antiques. The old glass jack-o-lantern candy jars are c. 1910-1915, treasures from my mother-in-law's childhood. The cutouts are 1950's finds left in the kindergarten storage room when Tom took over the class about 14 years ago. These are old dime store decorations that were in mint condition. We stole them!
With no freeze yet, our maples are slow to color this year. Usually a blazing mix of maroon, magenta and orange by now, this full moon maple is just beginning to turn.
The good thing about the mild temps is that my dahlias are still producing flowers perfect for a bright arrangement for my kitchen table.
Our grand kids and their mother are getting ready too. While we are keeping up with them through emailed photos for now, we will be there in person for Trick-or-Treats!
Hope you're getting into the spirit too. It's just a fun time of the year.


  1. Your porch is so fun and inviting! It just seems to stretch out it's arms and say, "Welcome". And you did it without one single sign saying so.

    I love fall decorations. When I take mine down and put out Christmas... it almost looks dull to me. Your "midnight market" dime store cutouts are perfect for Halloween. What a find.

    I am so jealous! What I would give to have a large Maple tree in my yard. We have lots of trees... but none with really great fall color. sob. I'm trying to get my hubby to plant a few sugar maples for me. They do well here. He tells me that we won't live long enough to see them as adult trees. I don't care. Someone will see them. And young trees are just as pretty...even if they're not quite as big.

    My favorite picture is of your granddaughter laying on the pumpkin. That's just downright adorable.

  2. love your front porch, so inviting. it fun to walk through pumpkin patches this time of year and pick out just the right pumpkin to decorate with.

  3. Your grandchildren are just beautiful Linda....I have done some decorating for the fall..I so enjoy the colors on the trees..then winter.. noooooooooooooo

  4. More fun family photos. I love them. Don't kids make times like these worthwhile? - Dave

  5. I love all the fall colors! And, of course, the one thing I will always miss about not living in a cooler climate is the changing colors.

  6. I love the decorations. Lovely. Your grandchildren are so cute and I love to see them in the pumpkin patch.

  7. I got my pumpkins, haven't downloaded pictures yet, but I had fun in LaConner at an honor system patch where pumpkins were 1.25 each.
    Got a few cukes and hubbard squash too.

    I love pumpkin patches!

    Happy Halloween. Your kids are adorable...can't wait to see your costume!

  8. Nice photos..! Your Halloween decorations are fabulous. Your kids are cute and adorable.

  9. Thanks for the smile. I always want to decorate but before I know it the holiday has come and gone. I really like your decorations and the fun that is in your pics.


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