Saturday, June 27, 2009

Eating Locally

We had a lovely supper this evening, made up largely of items we bought today at the Puyallup Farmer's Market. This is a large market located in Pioneer Park, in the city of Puyallup, located south of Seattle in the Puyallup Valley. Today it seemed like the place to be and be seen! The market has a bit of everything, from metal sculptures to zucchini. There were cherries from the east side of the mountains. We passed up the Bings, since I had bought some Thursday at the small Burien Farmer's Market. We did buy a pound of the Rainiers.
And a pint of the local strawberries. The Puyallup Valley is famous for daffodil bulbs and berries.
Our own raspberries will be on soon, so we're waiting for them.
I love this statue, right in front of a strawberry stand, of a farmer bringing his berries to sell.
There were many plant vendors. Tom always finds someone to chat with.
I was attracted to this weavers stall. I did buy a felted ball for Jake's new cat, Josy, named after a star on the US Soccer Team. The ball was Rave Green, of course, Seattle Sounders color.
I love the glass glowing in the sunlight. I would like to have more in my garden, but it is very pricey.
Flower stalls are my favorite, with their beautiful color combinations. In nature, colors don't ever clash.
And we must not forget the veggies. Early crops of beets, carrots, lettuce, peas, turnips, radishes, onions, chard and squash were in abundance.
So what did we eat this evening? Market cheese, bread, cherries, strawberries, and a few other things that made up a cold plate to eat out on the lawn. Lovely. And for being so good, we bought ourselves an Apple Award. It's made out of a gourd. Cool, huh?


  1. Oh my gosh! I'm so jealous! I love those glass garden ornaments. Everything looks so gorgeous! I wish I were there for the Ranier and Bing cherries. They are REALLY REALLY expensive over here. Lucky you!

  2. What a wonderful market. I can get most of my meat, produce and bread if I don't have time to bake at our two weekly markets but not that other neat stuff.

  3. What a great market indeed! We do have great ones here in the NW don't we? These definitely made me drool! Hard on the keyboard, but everything does look that delicious!

  4. Mmmmm, those berries look good. I hope they have some at the Capitol Hill farmer's market tomorrow!

  5. Love all of your photos Linda. Especially your garden shots. - Dave (cimba7200)

  6. would love to be there to shop and eat...cherries are wonderful and raspberries wow. fun photos from a fun day.

  7. I try to buy locally whenever I can, but we have a very short growing season here..You have a real bounty there...

  8. Come on out to the Puyallup Farmers Market. Make sure to check our site for updates on the farmers market. click on farmers market. Their are still a few bing cherries left, Rainer is in peak. Spooner strawberries have been the sweetest. Also new inventory of produce and fruits have been arriving weekly. Just last week there were apricots! Amazing.

    Puyallup Farmers Market Manager

  9. Nice Farmers Mkt, Mukilteo's hasn't made it very big maybe soon I'll have a booth with birdbaths, and houses, bowls, etc, maybe next spring..maybe I'll set up at yours!!

  10. My kind of farmer's market! I would have spent a lot of money...plants, veges,flowers


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