Friday, June 5, 2009

Oregon Adventure

Last Sunday we five (Tom and I, Jill, Isaac and Irene) set out for our Oregon adventure. We went first to Molalla, where my mother lives. She doesn't get to see her Colorado granddaughter and great grandchildren very often, so visiting her is very special. The weather was warm, and the kids played in the sprinkler.
We went to the train park at Shady Dell and had fun riding the trains.
After an overnight in Molalla, we headed over the mountains to Rockaway Beach, to stay in the little red cabin my mother owns.
It didn't take long for the kids to hit the beach. Yep, the Twin Rocks are still there.
Each evening we ended the day with a campfire on the beach in front of the cabin. The marshmallows were toasted just right, and the chocolate was melted on the graham cracker on a rock near the coals. We all were licking our fingers and wiping chocolate off of our faces.
The gulls were hoping for some too, as the sun set over Salt Air Creek and the Pacific.
The kids enjoyed sleeping in the loft
and getting wet in the creek. Jill is glad that they get to come again in August. It would be too long to have to wait another whole year. The kids are glad that next time Daddy will get to come, too.
And, of course, Grandma and Grandpa love every minute of their company.
We are back home in Seattle now, and Jill and the kids are with us until June 19th, so there will be more adventures to come.
As for today, the laundry is mostly done, the trip to the grocery store is complete, and the kids and their mother are taking a nap. It's quiet time at the Reeder homestead.


  1. what a delightful time you are have wonderful places to stay also-on the beach! Love your sunset photos-they are spectacular-good enough for post cards...Thanks for sharing.

  2. Linda, this is delightful. Please post more of these while your children and grandchildren are with you. What wonderful memories.

  3. What a great trip! Know how fun it must have been! So happy for all of you! And your grandchildren are adorable! Thanks for sharing the fun!

  4. wow the twin rocks are awesome!

    your family is beautiful

  5. What great family fun you all had. I love your Mother's beach cabin. I do like the Oregon beaches.

    That sunset was just gorgeous---with the sun as a large ball just sliding down through the clouds.

    Always good to be back home. MB

  6. You have nice places to visit and stay in! Sounds like a lovely time.

  7. It looks like you are having a great time with your family. ai know my children enjoyed vacationing with their grandparents. How nice that they got to spend time with their great-grandmother as well.

  8. Ahhhhhh...... I just LOVE this. You're making golden memories for the children. They are so lucky. You are too.

  9. Sigh...what a fun time in a beautiful setting....
    Michelle From Rambling Woods


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