Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Seattle Fun

I've been busy since I last posted. On Sunday Tom and I toured more wonderful gardens in Lake Forest Park, a suburb north of Seattle. That evening the kids returned from their stay on Whidbey Island. On Monday we mostly stayed home except for a short trip over to Angle Lake Park to feed the ducks, and then a walk in our neighborhood Crystal Springs Park after dinner. We were looking for banana slugs, but it has been too dry for them to crawl out into the open. We also hosted another tea party lunch, and this time Jill got in on the act.
On Tuesday we headed downtown, to the waterfront, and the Seattle Aquarium. It has been much improved since I was there last and we all enjoyed it, with it's emphasis on Puget Sound and Pacific marine life.
Irene especially likes watching the young woman biologist who was working with the fur seals. She thought that would be a good job.
Of course we had lunch on the pier at Ivar's Fish Bar, and fed french fries to the sea gulls. Jill had a line of wide receivers catching her tosses ten for ten, her all star Seattle Seagulls.
Since we were parked near it, and had to climb back up the stairs anyway, we walked through the Public Market. There was some fish throwing, lots of vegies and fruit, and gorgeous flowers. Jill bought me a bunch of sweet peas, which Irene loved carrying and smelling.
We took the annual photo with the market pig.
Today we are having an indoor play day. The rule is to play with any toys you want and you can have them all out at once. The kitchen floor has become Seattle, with Totem Pole Park, the ferry docks, and, of course, the aquarium. Little sea creatures we picked up at the gift shop have been carefully attended by Irene, who studied the techniques carefully yesterday.
The gloves are necessary when handling fishy parts and squid tentacles.
Jill has now gone off to the Sounders match with her brother, Jake. We'll watch on TV and eat popcorn.


  1. Looks like fun in Seattle with the kids. I didn't know the aquarium has been improved. I haven't been there in years. Maybe I should go again!

  2. you are having so much fun...I hear the weather is sunny and warm-perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

  3. I suspect you are a very tired but happy grandma. Were you an elementary school teacher? You seem to have so many good ideas for playing with these children.

  4. Does sound as though you're having a great time with your grandchildren! That's terrific! Always enjoy your photos!

  5. You must have a lot of energy Linda as you are always on the go. Have fun with your beautiful grandchildren. I love the tea party..
    Michelle From Rambling Woods

  6. Looks like you are having a great time. It must be all that gardening that gives you the energy to keep up with them.

  7. I felt like jumping up and down since we were juuust there! I loved seeing those photos. The grandkids must have had a blast feeding fries to the gulls just like we did.

  8. Your new photo that heads your blog is absolutely beautiful!


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