Saturday, June 20, 2009

Touring Gardens On The Lower Kitsap Peninsula: Part I

Saturday we went garden touring again, to more Open Gardens in the Northwest Perennial Alliance. Members open their gardens to other members, and it is a wonderful opportunity to see some amazing private gardens. This time we were in the South Puget Sound. Puget Sound is a vast inland sea filled with islands, peninsulas, bays, inlets, and passages. When you cross the Narrows Bridge from Tacoma, you are on the Kitsap Peninsula, in the Gig Harbor area. We visited two gardens new to us, and returned to a favorite we had seen before. Then we visited two new gardens on Fox Island, reached by a bridge from the lower peninsula. Here are some shots from the first two gardens. How's this for an entrance? Just inside the gates is the Rose Garden.
Tea, anyone? We did wish someone had come to serve us.
This is a large garden, and the owners have filled it with bronze statues of children, which added to the delight of the garden.
Around the front, we are met with views and access to Henderson Bay.
The mother geese were herding their young 'uns.
The second garden was much more, shall we say "middle class", in size. We had been here before. I love it for what the gardener does with foliage color. There is an entry court, and then a hillside garden, again down to water access, this time one of the many back bays and channels.
I was thinking a latte would be nice here.
Today is the first day of summer, summer solstice, the longest day of the year, AND Father's Day. Today is a day to go out and play, cherish nature's gifts, love life, and


  1. Gracious, these pictures are wonderful. I've never seen such beautiful garden pictures as you post.

  2. These people are so lucky to have gardens right on the water like this! Beautiful!

  3. so lush and green, love the little places to sit and just enjoy nature's beauty...

  4. These are beautiful gardens and your pictures are wonderful. I am still learning to garden in a place where it is hot in the summer and can freeze in the winter. It is a little different than southern California.


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