Friday, June 12, 2009

June Is Busting Out All Over

The scent of roses is in the air. The Paul's Himalayan Musk rose has once again erupted on the fruitless cherry tree that has become its trellis.
After a late arriving spring we are experiencing an early summer here in Seattle, with four weeks of no rain and temps in the 70's, and even up to 90 last week. The first blush of roses is bursting out.
The native dogwoods have long faded, but the Korean Dogwoods are in full bloom.
Along with the roses, the fox gloves and columbine have planted themselves, and determine their own color combinations.
The Lady's Mantle and Cat Mint are adding a colorful froth that is humming with bees. Because of our shady garden, some of the peonies are still blooming, along with those big orange oriental poppies.
I'm sure I posted photos like these last year, but each new season with its new blessings deserves its own celebration.
I love the long vista that is my whole garden, but each day I try to take a stroll to enjoy an up close and personal visit with the beautiful details. And when I take my camera along, the results are very hard to limit to a few. So you get a big bunch!
What a glorious bounty this late spring has brought to us.


  1. love all your photos, it's like taking a walk with you in your gorgeous yard. breathtaking beauty.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your flowers with us, Linda. I love every single one of them. They are a banquet for the eyes and soul.

  3. I always love your beautiful flowers and these are exquisite!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. How true that each new season deserves it's own celebration. Your gardens are most worthy of celebrating!!! I know the dedication that you and your husband have put into growing such a splendid specimen, and I thank you! You have indeed made the world a softer, more gentle, and glorious place with your bounty of flowers. What a joy it must be to stroll through your yard and let your senses fill with the variety of texture, color, and fragrance they have to offer.

    If only humankind could learn to blend our differences so well.


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